With finals approaching and stress levels rising, it's a good time to think back at what to be grateful for. You have to sometimes push through the negative thoughts and keep on powering through. Here are some ways that I get through my stress and remember to appreciate life.

1. Puppy cuddles

2. Strong friendships

3. Career goals

4. Finding love


5. Shopping for new outfits
6. Music

7. Buying gifts for your friends

8. Coffee

9. Naps on a rainy day

10. Going on adventures with friends


11. Traveling

12. Falling in love with Earth

13. Learning new things

14. Smell of flowers

15. Books

16. Meeting new people

17. Getting an A on a hard test you spent hours studying for


18. Falling in love at the weirdest but best time
19. Getting

20. Good health

21. Finding new music

22. Beaches

23. Dancing without a care in the world


24. Family

25. Long road trips with meaningful people

26. Succeeding

27. Meaning people with similar beliefs

28. Sunsets

29. Good food


30. Learning from your mistakes and never repeating them
31. Surrounding yourself with kind people

32. And deleting the bad ones out of your life

33. Having standards

34. Finding yourself

35. And knowing you're beautiful

36. Becoming one with nature


37. Singing in the car

38. Learning about other religions and cultures

39. Trying new food

40. Being alive

41. New experiences that change your life for the better

42. Birthdays

43. Presents

44. Weekends

45. Busy but rewarding days