4 Reasons Why Ronda Rousey Is Still A World Champion

When you think of Ronda Rousey, what comes to mind? Most likely you think about her first ever defeat to kickboxing champion Holly Holm, or her devastating loss to Amanda Nunes. Then you begin to wonder; will Ronda ever step back into the octagon? Is she going to have another shot at the title? Does she even want another shot?

Ronda Rousey, with or without the belt, is one of the most influential, headstrong, and talented women, and a phenomenal role model for all. Does having a title change that? Nope. Having a title is merely a sliver of who Ronda Rousey is. Even without a title, Ronda is still the champion. From Olympic medals to bringing female MMA to the UFC, she has paved the way for women all over and there are many things we can learn from her.

1. Being comfortable in your body

For women with muscle, Ronda is one that pulls through when it comes to the "love your body" speeches. Or as she likes to say, "Don't be a do nothing bitch." She eloquently says that her body serves a purpose. She isn't made to sit around and be pretty. She has developed her body for a reason and she loves it. Definitely, something to learn from.

2. She makes you believe in yourself

One of the coined terms in Ronda's book "My Fight, Your Fight" is "Someone has to be the best in the world, why not you?". Ronda has a way of speaking and believing that anything is possible that makes the most uncoordinated woman believe that she could be the future world champion.

3. She knows what it means to work for something

If you have read Ronda's book, you will know that she was not handed the UFC gig and was not instantly rich and famous. She began in Judo and was very poor for a long time. When it came down to it, she would work three jobs just to afford basic necessities, and still put in the training hours. She did this for years before even beginning an MMA career. After that, she began MMA and didn't even have anybody teaching her for months. She would watch her "Coach" Edmund coaching others in the gym, and use what he told them to correct and learn for herself. She has fought for where she is, and there is nobody more deserving.

4. She knows how to fight for herself

In a world full of men, she paved her way and became the best. Along with that world came a whole other world of scrutiny. She is constantly criticized for the way she looks, the way she talks, what she says and how she acts. Thankfully, she has a quick wit and nobody will ever talk her down.

Whether the championship belt is in Ronda's hand or the hands of another, there are many things that you cannot take away from her. Ronda is strong, she is encouraging, she has a purpose, and she has made a great impact. She is leaving the world greater than how she found it, and that is a championship belt that cannot be taken away.

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