4 Reasons Why Dorm Life Should Only Be For Freshmen

4 Reasons Why Dorm Life Should Only Be For Freshmen

Living in a dorm with people you've never met can be the best first-year experience, but it can also be the worst.


As my first semester in college is coming to a close, I sat down to reflect on the best and worst moments. I'm not saying I don't enjoy living on campus, but after touring local apartments, I decided I deserved better. I want a bedroom that can fit more than two people comfortably and to have my own bathroom. I'm paying thousands of dollars per semester, so why shouldn't I be able to have what I want as I pursue my degree?



I mean EVERYTHING. From your one roommate watching Netflix, to your other roommate with friends over, and the list goes on. I mean just today I could hear my roommate with two guy friends and they were ridiculously loud. My boyfriend's roommates are the same. One of his roommates is always yelling into his headset and playing on his PlayStation console. Don't even get me started on how loud our suite door is. You can hear it opening and closing all the way by the communications building.

It's distracting and hinders your ability to study.


I mean, who doesn't feel this way? I feel bad when I'm not home from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., but you do what you gotta do. College is about balance, and in order to be successful, you have to study. Sometimes, that means packing up your stuff and heading to the student union or to that one building with a really pretty view. I'll give you a few tips. If you're the type who needs absolute (or close to it) silence, find out if your university offers a quiet study space! If you're the type who thrives with a little background noise, check out your student union! Don't forget to grab some Starbucks on your way!

Most dorms don't have a kitchen = meal plan.


It's true, most dorms do not offer a kitchen and this is the university's way of getting you to pay for their meal plans. While it looks good on paper, the meal plans are extremely overpriced, and the food is, at best, mediocre. I know what you're thinking, you have to pay more for the dorm with a kitchen. I don't know about you, but I'd rather pay more to be able to learn to cook a.k.a. a skill you'll need to learn for your post-college life.

Privacy, who is she?


Unlike the freedom Michael has to declare privacy in this GIF, college students do not. Even though my dorm comes with separate bedrooms, it still sucks when you have to put away all your clothes from the ~chair~ because someone can't help but peek their head in. Sometimes I feel like leaving clothes there that are clean enough to wear again but not dirty enough to wash, you know?

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