15 Things I Won't Miss About Dorm Life

As I finish my sophomore year of college, my dorm days are coming to an end, and I really couldn't be more excited. Don't get me wrong, the dorm life is fun for a little while, but it's definitely time for me to move on. Here are 15 things I won't miss about living in a dorm:

1. Living in an 8 x 8 box with another human being

2. Sharing a bathroom (and more importantly, a shower) with too many other people

3. Having to walk several minutes just to eat crappy dining hall food

4. Dealing with ridiculously early quiet hours

5. Hearing literally everything that your neighbor is doing because the walls are so thin

6. Never vacuuming and then being annoyed by the clumps of hair that collect all over the floor

7. Having to shove your entire wardrobe into three shallow drawers

8. Lugging your laundry down several flights of stairs... and paying for it

9. Sleeping on a thin, hard, twin-size bed

10. Roasting in your non-air conditioned room during the first two months of the year

11. Not being able to control the heat, and roasting when it's cranked all the way up, too

12. Fighting for a parking space that isn't more than a ten minute walk to your room

13. Constantly wearing headphones while watching your nightly Netflix

14. Not having enough space to store all of your take-out boxes in your mini fridge

15. Checking in and out with your RA every time you breathe (Okay, not really... but it gets little excessive)

So, here's to off campus housing! Happy summer, kids!

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