30 Summer Moments As Told By 'Seinfeld'

30 Summer Moments As Told By 'Seinfeld'

Summer Chronicles: Vol. 6

https://giphy.com/Summer break in college is different from when we were younger. Most of us have jobs and responsibilities now that almost make the school year more of a break than the months between May and August. If you resonate with any of this and you like Seinfeld, well, you’re in for a treat!

Before we get started here are my previous Summer Chronicles Volume 1, Volume 2, Volume 3, Volume 4, and Volume 5.

Here is summer break as told by Seinfeld:

1. When summer has finally come

2. All you want to do is be a kid again

3. You can’t believe you have to work

4. And you don’t want summer to look like this

5. But you need the money

6. Luckily you get to reunite with your friends!

7. You promise to have the best summer ever.

8. And agree to go out with them.

9. Even though you have to get the day off.

10. You get ready to go out.

11. Your friend comes over early.

12. And you go to meet your friend’s new pals.

13. You go to the beach and try to have fun.

14. But realize you would rather be home...

15. To sit on the couch and snack.

16. Staying home becomes boring after a few days.

17. So you go over to your friend’s house

18. And eat on their couch.

19. Because being bored is better with friends

20. When you try on ridiculous clothing

21. Because your “extra” best friend wants you to.

22. And to avoid getting into a fight like this...

23. You ask for “Serenity now.”

24. When you suggest you guys workout expecting it to look like this:

25. But in reality, it looks like this:

26. Part way through summer you realize that you haven’t done much

27. And don’t think you will...

28. But you tell your parents otherwise

29. And they play along.

30. Even though you may not have had a "party" summer, at least you had time to dance it out!

Have a great summer, friends!

Cover Image Credit: backchannel.com

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