14 Times Groot Was The Star Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2'

Before I got home from school, my brother was texting me... and no, it wasn't because he missed me. He really wanted a ride to Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2! So this past week my boyfriend, brother and I went together. During the movie, I realized that the real star of the movie was not the protagonist, Peter Quill, but baby Groot!

1. Groot was the star from the very first scene when he plugged the music in

2. Just so he could dance

Just like in the end of the first movie... only with cute little feet.

3. Then stopping Gamora mid-fight to wave "hi"

He is so loved that she said "Hi" back <3

4. How could you get mad at this face?

Honestly, how?!

5. …Even when he ruins tapes, he is SO cute.

Look at that smile

6. He watched the craziness of the Guardians just like us in the theater

...with candy!

7. He was in the spotlight when he showed off his muscles

Also an accurate depiction of me after working out once.

8. Then he stole the show in this mini Ravager’s suit

Better dressed than anyone at Cannes.

9. And when he found Yondu’s prototype fin

Who knew he could climb like that?

10. Then charged at the bad guys

*screams adorably*

11. This scene was unforgettable.

Baby Groot: Groot?

Rocket: NO.

12. Then he ran to save his friends and the galaxy

...and everyone wondered if he would be able to.

13. He was the star when he cried

Breaking all of our hearts

14. And finally, when he and Drax became friends

United as Guardians of the Galaxy!

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Did I miss a spotlight moment of Groot in GOTGV2? Let me know in the comments below!

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