The Ultimate 'The Bachelorette' Cheat Sheet

The Ultimate 'The Bachelorette' Cheat Sheet

Summer Chronicles: Vol. 4

A few weeks into summer and I realized something: There’s nothing like popping some popcorn, pouring a glass of wine and watching the drama of The Bachelorette unfold on Monday nights… except for maybe doing the same for The Bachelor. This season there are so many contestants and even though we have been introduced to them all several times, here's a cheat sheet to keep them all straight.

But first, let’s take a moment for our fallen bachelors…

Blake K.









Now, let's begin!

1. Adam

Occupation: Real Estate Agent

How we recognize him: His mini-me "Adam Jr."

2. Alex

Occupation: Information Systems Supervisor

How we recognize him: The one who serenaded Rachel with a Russian folk song. *swoon*

3. Anthony

Occupation: Education Software Manager

How we recognize him: The Brawny man.

4. Blake E.

Occupation: Aspiring Drummer

How we recognize him: The anti-Lucas (see 20.)

5. Brady

Occupation: Male Model

How we recognize him: The guy with the beautiful eyes.

6. Bryan

Occupation: Chiropractor

How we recognize him: The one who put his occupation to use.

7. Bryce

Occupation: Firefighter

How we recognize him: The soft-spoken one.

8. Dean

Occupation: Startup Recruiter

How we recognize him: The one who genuinely made Rachel laugh AND got the first group date rose!

9. Diggy

Occupation: Senior Inventory Analyst

How we recognize him: The fashionista...fashionisto?...the guy with the threads.

10. Eric

Occupation: Personal Trainer

How we recognize him: The first one to ask about Rachel's love language.

11. Fred

Occupation: Executive Assistant

How we recognize him: The summer camp guy.

12. Iggy

Occupation: Consulting Firm CEO

How we recognize him: The sweet one.

13. Jack Stone

Occupation: Attorney

How we recognize him: The smolder.

14. Jamey

Occupation: Sales Account Executive

How we recognize him: The patient guy.

15. Jonathan

Occupation: Tickle Monster

How we recognize him: Definitely not as creepy as his occupation suggests.

16. Josiah

Occupation: Prosecuting Attorney

How we recognize him: The eloquent guy who made sure Rachel was okay after the DeMario drama.

17. Kenny

Occupation: Professional Wrestler

How we recognize him: The family man.

18. Lee

Occupation: Singer-Songwriter

How we recognize him: The guy who did the overplayed first impression.

19. Lucas

Occupation: Whaboom

How we recognize him: Whaboom…unfortunately.

20. Matt

Occupation: Construction Sales Rep

How we recognize him: The basketball MVP.

21. Peter

Occupation: Business Owner

How we recognize him: The first one-on-one.

22. Will

Occupation: Sales Manager

How we recognize him: The unsuspecting one.

I'm looking forward to watching all the drama with these contestants this week! How about you?

In the meantime, make sure to read the previous volumes of my Summer Chronicles:

Cover Image Credit: ABC

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