21 Lessons I Haven't Learned In 21 Years

Recently, I have seen several articles about how much the writer has learned in the past 21 years of his or her life. I am a 21-year-old here to say that I do not know nearly as much as I expected I would at this time. My teenage-self thought that I would have my life together by now, but I don’t and that is okay! Here are 21 lessons I have not yet learned…

1. What I want to be when I grow up

I am sure about my major and career path right now, but who knows what the future holds.

2. Where I want to live

I might not want to live in a small-town or maybe I do...

3. How to be the perfect friend

4. …Or the greatest girlfriend.

5. …Or sweetest sister.

6. How much pasta I actually need to boil

I always seem to make enough for an army.

7. Always listening to my mom’s advice

8. Finding my identity fully in Christ

9. Not caring what others think

10. How the heck to do my taxes

11. How to cook without a recipe

12. The best way to pack and move

This is an accurate depiction of me.

13. The art of eyeliner

14. Not letting school rule my world

15. Budgeting

16. Drinking enough water

17. Exercising consistently

18. Eating healthy

19. How to avoid procrastination

20. Disconnecting from social media

21. How to appreciate silence

Here's to 21 more years. Years filled with unknowns, seasoned with new lessons, and marked by improvements.

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