You know the name: Tom Brady. He has come into the game of football and shown people that a 6th round draft pick become one of the greatest quarterbacks to play the game. It's the perfect underdog story. Brady was drafted 199th in the sixth round and only got his chance because Drew Bledsoe got crushed by Jets' linebacker Mo Lewis.

He then went on to win the Super Bowl that year and never looked back. Brady now has four rings and has to be considered in the conversation of "Best Quarterback of All Time."

But why do people hate Tom Brady so much? Why do people hate to root for the man who used to be the perfect Cinderella story?

1. He wins.

All the time. Ever since he stepped in and took over for Bledsoe he created a winning culture in New England that stands strong 15 years later. NFL fans - both in New England and nationwide - expect the Patriots to play as the favorites week in and week out. People may have thought the underdog story was cute the first time but now that he's a four-time Super Bowl champion people are sick of seeing him winning. People want change and with Tom Brady reaching the AFC championship practically every year change is not in the foreseeable future as long as he's taking snaps. You've seen other quarterbacks step in and try to take reign of the AFC: Peyton Manning, Ben Roethlisberger, and Joe Flacco (to name a few), but none have been successful. Week after week, NFL viewers tune in to Patriots games hoping and praying that the Patriots fail because of the winning culture Brady has created.

2. Cheating Allegations.

The reason why all of the Tom Brady hate seems justified. It all began with "Spygate" in 2007 when Bill Belichick was deemed a cheater after getting caught by league officials for video taping opponents' practices from an illegal location. Once this story hit, the NFL community went crazy by accusing Bill Belichick and Tom Brady of being cheaters and shaming their success because of it. People wasted no time using this as a way to justify Tom Brady's success. Then came "Deflategate." The big time story in which Tom Brady was accused of having Patriots employees deflating the game footballs to an illegal amount before games in order to provide him an advantage since he allegedly liked playing with slightly-deflated footballs.

3. His personal life.

Tom Brady also took on a deal with Uggs and it wan't long before they had him modeling the men's line of shoes. Uggs was traditionally a women's style shoe for a long time before they opened their men's line and Brady received a lot of backlash as being a "pretty boy." It also doesn't help his case that his wife is an international supermodel and makes more money than he does. Gisele was more famous than Tom Brady and arguably still is. Because Tom Brady's life is seemingly picture-perfect, it's not hard for people to title him as "America's Pretty Boy."

All of these reasons combined attribute to our nation's collective hate for the football star and it angers New England fans. New England fans might claim that this is unfair, and it just may be. Brady was ruled innocent of "Deflategate" accusations and had no part in "Spygate," so it's fair to say that people simply use those situations as fair ways to claim that he's a cheater just because of the organization he plays for.