In no particular order, let's flip through the channels of cable television, before Hannah Montana and the Kardashians took over.

1. Kim Possible

Who could ever forget this iconic phrase?

2. The Amanda Show

Or this iconic phrase?

3. The Proud Family

When Penny and her girls gave you girl group goals

4. Teen Titans

Who misses when Teen Titans was drenched in teen angst?

5. That's So Raven

Old school Disney was so good at creating catch phrases

6. The Suite Life of Zack and Cody

Let's not talk about The Suite Life on Deck.

7. Baby Looney Tunes

Because everything small is always more fun

8. The Fairly Odd Parents

Cosmo was like the cartoon version of Joey and Phoebe in Friends

9. Recess


10. Rugrats

Nickelodeon prepared us for adulthood from way too young

11. Drake & Josh

They were always serving us classic moments like this.

12. Kids Next Door

They made us never want to grow up (but helped us accept changing from kids to annoying teens)

13. Lizzie McGuire

Who can forget when Lizzie transformed into an international pop star and got the most epic Roman holiday ever?

14. Code Lyoko

Probably one of the most underrated 2000s shows

15. Totally Spies

They were like the Charlie's Angels for kids

16. Total Drama Island

Cartoon Network fostering the millennial youth to love reality television.

17. Xiaolin Showdown

The best mix of fighting for justice and comedy

18. All That!

Literally SNL for kids. This seriously needs to make a comeback.

19. Digimon

We all wanted to go to the Digital World and have adventures

20. Yu-Gi-Oh i

We all knew that Yugi, transformed as the Pharaoh, would win with his heart of the cards.

21. Boy Meets World

22. Danny Phantom

Somehow even though Danny turned into a ghost, you could still relate to his teen troubles.

23. My Life as a Teenage Robot

Nickelodeon must have really had a thing for creating less-than-ordinary teens and making them have relatable teen problems.

24. 6teen

The show made you want to have a mundane part-time job at the mall

25. Samurai Jack

Nothing beats watching a samurai who has the ability to possibly defeat an almighty demon.

26. Unfabulous

Ah, baby Emma Roberts.

I would love to return to cable T.V. from the early 2000s, but I can't give up online Netflix. Netflix and Hulu just need to add these television shows to their repertoire and my life would be complete :D.

S/O to my friends that helped me assemble this list :D