25 Songs That Will Give You An INSTANT Serotonin Boost
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25 Songs That Will Give You An INSTANT Serotonin Boost

The vibes these songs create are IMMACULATE.

25 Songs That Will Give You An INSTANT Serotonin Boost

With the cold weather finally starting to dissipate and the warm weather slowly showing its face, people's moods are also starting to change from gloomy to happy. It's been a rough last couple of months and with the gray wintery weather I can sometimes gravitate towards music that fits that sort of mood; well, not anymore! Lately I have been listening to a playlist I made with some of the best songs for warm, sunny weather. If you want to improve your mood or have a great time hanging out with friends, I strongly encourage you to check out these tunes; I know there are a lot, but trust me!

"Good Things Fall Apart" - Illenium (with Jon Bellion)

Ok, so maybe this first song is a bit of a confusing choice for this list, but hear me out. I know that the lyrics convey a sad message, but there is nothing like blasting this song in the car with the windows down. This song never gets old and I will always belt out the lyrics and jam out to the chorus when I hear it. Despite it s message of heartbreak, "Good Things Fall Apart" gives me the ultimate serotonin boost.

"Better Not" - Louis The Child (with Wafia)

This song is catchy, happy, and fun for a summer day. I first heard it while I was day drinking with my friends over the summer and I fell in love with its vibe. The electronic music isn't overpowering, yet it is still impactful. It's a perfect song for any kind of occasion and it has such a positive feeling to it.

"Do You Love Someone" - Grouplove

Grouplove has so many happy sounding songs that make me thing of warm weather, but I feel like this one is lesser known. I remember blasting this song in the car in high school and belting out "Tell me do you love someone?" along with the singer with such passion. I think the message of spreading love fits perfectly with the upbeat sound of this song and it's great for a day at the beach or a long drive.

"Heat Waves" - Glass Animals

I was blown away when I first heard this track from Glass Animals in the summer of 2020. When the first beat drops, it transports you into a dreamy sort of island vibe that is so addicting. I love how groovy this song sounds and the psychedelic feeling you get when listening to it. When I hear this song, I picture myself sitting on a beach sunbathing and watching the waves crash.

"Are You Bored Yet?" - The Wallows (feat. Clairo)

Who doesn't love an upbeat, happy, indie pop-rock song? This is 100% a song I would play on the beach while laying out or chilling with my friends. The chorus is so catchy and the song has a very chill vibe while also being fun to bop along with while it plays.

"Joshua Tree" - Cautious Clay

I seriously wish that more people knew about and appreciated Cautious Clay because his music instantly transports me to a place of happiness and peace. Between the gentle sound of his voice and the amazing beats that he creates, this music is so refreshing. When the chorus of "Joshua Tree" hits, it feels like you're in one of those coming of age teenage movies; in other words, it makes life feel like magic. It also gives me strong California beach vibes, which I absolutely love. I strongly encourage you to check out Cautious Clay's music.

"Magic In The Hamptons" - Social House (feat. Lil Yachty)

It is such a crime that this song came out in 2018 and I just discovered it last summer; who allowed that to happen? This song is an ultimate bop that is so fun to sing along to, especially with friends. The entire feeling of this tune screams "summer."

"Green Light" - Lorde

Hello to the flashbacks of my 2017 high school days! When I first heard this song I wasn't too convinced that I liked it until the pre-chorus hit, and let me tell you I was stunned by the change of pace and sound that that pre-chorus brought; this song went on to mean so much to me that year. "Green Light" comes on shuffle and suddenly I turn into a full on performer. It takes me to another planet and I will never not feel happiness when listening to and singing along with it.

"Kids" - MGMT

MGMT really had to have put serotonin into this song because every time I hear those first couple of notes at the beginning it's like a fire is lit inside me. Every time "Kids" comes on shuffle everyone around me starts dancing and singing together. I only have happy memories with this song and it makes perfect sense because it has such a positive, upbeat vibe. This song makes me feel alive and incredibly joyful.

"Rollercoaster" - Bleachers

"Rollercoaster" is an absolute bop that is perfect for blasting in the car during a long drive with friends. The band seems to brilliantly encapsulate the feeling of a rollercoaster thanks to the synths, keyboards, and guitars that continuously play the riff because it truly feels like you're zipping around on a ride. I love the fast paced energy it uses and it always boosts my mood when I hear it.

"Lakehouse" - Of Monsters and Men

Of Monsters and Men has such a talent of making you feel like you are going on a life changing adventure in nature just through their music alone. On this album especially, there are several songs that give this feeling to the listener, but I picked "Lakehouse" because it isn't as well known and it gives off a somewhat different story. This song feels like the end of a movie where the main character finally finds happiness and is in a place where they feel at home, surrounded by people they love. To be honest, this song nearly brings tears to my eye because of the joy it brings me; something about it is just so magical.

"Take It Easy" - Surfaces

"Take It Easy" is quite the contrast from the last song. This Surfaces' song reminds us to chill out and relax for once in our lives. It's just the right song for laying on a beach and sipping a cool drink with some friends.

"Up All Night" - Mac Miller

The number of times I have sang the line "I'm staying up all night, I ain't got shit to do tomorrow" while actually having lots of things to do "tomorrow" is comical to me. However, this song carries such a carefree energy that it makes you forget about all the stressful things you might have going on. "Up All Night" is a great party song or just a fun song to play while hanging out with friends.

"Cruel Summer" - Taylor Swift

Say it with me everyone: "Cruel Summer" should have been a single from the "Lover" album. This song is pop perfection and deserves so much more hype. Yes it has the word "summer" in it, but that isn't even the reason why it's a great summer song. The song is so catchy and fun to sing along with and the production is incredible. It's another amazing song to blast in the car with friends.

"8TEEN" - Khalid

This was the first song I ever heard from Khalid back in 2017 and it's still one of my favorites. It has a very light, chill sound while still being upbeat and fun. Even though I'm 21 now, I still sing it as if I'm a teenager who is trying to figure out the drama of being a teen. I just love bopping along to this song and it makes me feel happy.

"Saturday Sun" - Vance Joy

I can't really put my finger on it, but something about Vance Joy's music sounds like running around on a beach with your lover or friends. The ukulele, acoustic guitar, and percussion certainly help out with the beach vibe, but his voice also adds to the feeling. This another song that I think fits so well in a coming of age movie where the main characters are frolicking around on a beach together, and I am so here for that.

"Never Felt A Love Like This" - Galantis, Hook N Sling, & Dotan

Galantis is responsible for so many fun party songs and this one is no exception. In my opinion, the only difference with "Never Felt A Love Like This" is that it has less of a party feeling and more of a summer, beach, car adventure kind of feeling. This is the kind of song I would dance with my friends to while partying on the beach or at a bonfire.

"Rocketeer" - Far East Movement, Ryan Tedder, & Ruff Loaderz

This song may be over a decade old, but I never get tired of hearing it played. The fun synth beats make you want to bop your head along and the overall flow of the song is so contagious. Every time I hear the "let's fly" part, I have the sudden urge to spread my arms out like an airplane and I cannot explain why. Maybe it's the nostalgia of 2010 that this song brings, or maybe it's the upbeat attitude it holds, but either way this song makes me feel so happy.

"Graffiti" - CHVRCHES

We have another song that works great for an 80s teenage coming of age film, folks! The electronic sounds used throughout this song feel so electrifying and magical. It makes me think of running around, doing stupid, but fun, things with friends in high school and college. "Graffiti" gives the perfect feeling of being young and free.

"Heatstroke" - Calvin Harris (feat. Young Thug, Pharrell Williams, & Ariana Grande)

I will always feel like this song off of "Funk Wav Bounces Vol.1" deserved way more love. This song is groovy, tropical, and fun. Back in 2017, I remember blasting this song in the car in the summer and jamming out. It's funky beats make you want to dance and "have a good time" with friends. I hear this song and my mood improves instantly.

"Here With Me" - Marshmello (with CHVRCHES)

Alright so the music video made me want to cry, but when I don't watch the video this song makes me feel happy. "Here With Me" is definitely one of those songs that sounds upbeat and positive, but the lyrics are actually sort of sad when you pay attention to them. Therefore, this is certainly a song that brings me happiness because of the fun electronic music that plays throughout it, not the actual message of the song.

"Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" - Coldplay

After hearing this song live in concert, I want to start dancing and singing every time I hear it. Coldplay honestly gets a lot of hate as a band, especially for their more recent music, and I will never understand why because they have such positive messages and vibes in a lot of their songs. "Every Teardrop is a Waterfall" is one of those songs that makes me feel like everything is ok in the world and it fills me with so much joy. This is somewhat unrelated, but if you want to feel on top of the world, see Coldplay in concert whenever you can; it will change your life.

"Rather Be" - Clean Bandit (with Jess Glynne)

You already know what it is when that lovely violin starts to play at the beginning; most people could recognize this song from a mile away just because of that violin intro. I have so many happy memories of messing around with my friends in high school and playing this song in the car. It's a major bop that will never die.

"Sometimes" - Goth Babe

"Sometimes" by Goth Babe transports me to the sunny California beaches where there's surfers in the waves, people playing beach volleyball while others are having a bonfire, and cross country travelers are driving by the beach road in their van. The different synths and instruments that the band uses are definitely responsible for this picture that is painted in my head. They capture the feeling of nature and California flawlessly. I love this song because it brings me to my happy place.

"Weekend" - Louis The Child (with Icona Pop)

Last, but not least, Louis the Child strikes again with "Weekend." I love playing this song while partying or hanging out with friends. It's a great song for day drinking and chilling outside in the sun. The lyrics aren't complex at all, but the electronic music and the carefree attitude of the words make for a great party song that makes me want to dance.

I hope that I could help you discover some happy, upbeat songs to add to your playlist!

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