12 Feel-Good Alternative Pop Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

12 Feel-Good Alternative Pop Songs You Need To Listen To Right Now

If you're looking to indulge into some new music, this is the list for you!

Throughout my life, I was known as the girl with the versatile music taste. I could bump rap, but I could also sing show tunes; There is literally no in between. Even though I listened to almost every genre of music, besides heavy metal, the one genre that has my heart and always will is by far alternative, specifically alternative pop.

There’s something about alternative pop that just resonates with me. The meaning of these songs are totally different from how they sound (e.g. a sad song doesn’t sound sad). I love the difference of this genre because it’s always something new and I love it. Most songs I find in this category are super upbeat and are feel-good songs, so if you’re looking to indulge into some new music, here are 12 songs that’ll make you feel good on the inside and dance on the outside.

1. One Foot - Walk The Moon

“Well, cross my heart and hope to die, taking this one step at a time.”

With Walk The Moon’s new album coming out in about a month, the first single is truly a bop. The elements of pop in this song will surely make you want to get up and dance.

2. Diane Young - Vampire Weekend

“Nobody knows what the future holds, it’s bad enough just getting old.”

“Diane Young” is truly a classic. You probably won’t understand the words, but the vocals, the beat; everything about this song will make you want to shout the lyrics at the roof of your lungs.

3. Good Grief - Bastille

“So, what would you little maniacs like to do first?”

If the introduction of this song won’t get you hooked, I don’t know what will. Bastille did it with “Pompeii” and they did it again with “Good Grief.”

4. Passion - AWOLNATION

“Blow my mind, blow my mind, blow my mind.”

The first single for AWOLNATION’s third studio album is genuinely something that is inspiring. The song discusses how you need passion to live through life, and I think that is a great message for everybody to listen to.

5. Headphones - Walk The Moon

“I wanna open my heart, but you won’t open the door.”

The second single off of Walk The Moon’s newest album is a banger. The elements of rock and pop make this a great single and something different from the “Shut Up And Dance” singers.

6. Young Blood - The Naked And Famous

“Fall back in love eventually, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah.”

The Naked And Famous have all of the elements of a feel-good song in “Young Blood.” The beat and vocals give you a happy, upbeat song that you will always dance to whenever you hear it.

7. Talk Too Much - COIN

“Stay cool, it’s just a kiss. Oh, why you gotta be so talkative?”

COIN’s first single from their second studio album is definitely one of those songs that you know is going to be a bop from the get-go. The lyrics are goofy, yet have a cute meaning, and I’m sure you’ll love it!

8. Weak - AJR

“One kiss, bad for me, but I give in so easily.”

AJR, a band of three brothers, has created something very interesting, in their song “Weak.” With elements of 60s boy bands, this song is sure to make you “weak.”

9. All The Pretty Girls - fun.

“I wish all the pretty girls were shaking me down.”

Long before fun. released their hit songs “We Are Young” and “Some Nights,” they released “All The Pretty Girls,” a breakup song that won’t make you sad, in the slightest.

10. Guillotine - Jon Bellion

“I know that you love me, love me, even when I lose my head.”

Jon Bellion released his first single “Guillotine,” an upbeat song about someone loving you, even when you lose your mind and it was a great pick for a single. Jon Bellion and Travis Mendes mix pop with suave in this upbeat track.

11. Lane Boy - Twenty One Pilots

“I’m in constant confrontation what I want and what is poppin’.”

You’ve heard “Ride,” you’ve heard “Stressed Out,” but “Lane Boy” is different. The lyrics, the beat, and the overall vibe you get when you listen to this song is on another level. Twenty One Pilots did it again with “Lane Boy.”

12. Anna Sun - Walk The Moon

“We’re gonna rattle this ghost town, this house is falling apart!”

From an alternative pop favorite, Walk The Moon, “Anna Sun” is a classic. The verses, the chorus, and beat, even the music video, are all so cute and feel good!

If you find anything you like, add them to your playlist and keep searching for some more new alternative pop songs and give them to your friends!

Cover Image Credit: pexels

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I Went To "The Bachelor" Auditions

And here's why you won’t be seeing me on TV.

It’s finally time to admit my guilty pleasure: I have always been a huge fan of The Bachelor.

I can readily admit that I’ve been a part of Bachelor fantasy leagues, watch parties, solo watching — you name it, I’ve gone the whole nine yards. While I will admit that the show can be incredibly trashy at times, something about it makes me want to watch it that much more. So when I found out that The Bachelor was holding auditions in Houston, I had to investigate.

While I never had the intention of actually auditioning, there was no way I would miss an opportunity to spend some time people watching and check out the filming location of one of my favorite TV shows.

The casting location of The Bachelor, The Downtown Aquarium in Houston, was less than two blocks away from my office. I assumed that I would easily be able to spot the audition line, secretly hoping that the endless line of people would beg the question: what fish could draw THAT big of a crowd?

As I trekked around the tanks full of aquatic creatures in my bright pink dress and heels (feeling somewhat silly for being in such nice clothes in an aquarium and being really proud of myself for somewhat looking the part), I realized that these auditions would be a lot harder to find than I thought.

Finally, I followed the scent of hairspray leading me up the elevator to the third floor of the aquarium.

The doors slid open. I found myself at the end of a large line of 20-something-year-old men and women and I could feel all eyes on me, their next competitor. I watched as one woman pulled out her travel sized hair curler, someone practiced answering interview questions with a companion, and a man (who was definitely a little too old to be the next bachelor) trying out his own pick-up lines on some of the women standing next to him.

I walked to the end of the line (trying to maintain my nonchalant attitude — I don’t want to find love on a TV show). As I looked around, I realized that one woman had not taken her eyes off of me. She batted her fake eyelashes and looked at her friend, mumbling something about the *grumble mumble* “girl in the pink dress.”

I felt a wave of insecurity as I looked down at my body, immediately beginning to recognize the minor flaws in my appearance.

The string hanging off my dress, the bruise on my ankle, the smudge of mascara I was sure I had on the left corner of my eye. I could feel myself begin to sweat. These women were all so gorgeous. Everyone’s hair was perfectly in place, their eyeliner was done flawlessly, and most of them looked like they had just walked off the runway. Obviously, I stuck out like a sore thumb.

I walked over to the couches and sat down. For someone who for the most part spent most of the two hours each Monday night mocking the cast, I was shocked by how much pressure and tension I felt in the room.

A cop, stationed outside the audition room, looked over at me. After a brief explanation that I was just there to watch, he smiled and offered me a tour around the audition space. I watched the lines of beautiful people walk in and out of the space, realizing that each and every one of these contestants to-be was fixated on their own flaws rather than actually worrying about “love.”

Being with all these people, I can see why it’s so easy to get sucked into the fantasy. Reality TV sells because it’s different than real life. And really, what girl wouldn’t like a rose?

Why was I so intimidated by these people? Reality TV is actually the biggest oxymoron. In real life, one person doesn’t get to call all the shots. Every night isn’t going to be in a helicopter looking over the south of France. A real relationship depends on more than the first impression.

The best part of being in a relationship is the reality. The best part about yourself isn’t your high heels. It’s not the perfect dress or the great pick-up lines. It’s being with the person that you can be real with. While I will always be a fan of The Bachelor franchise, this was a nice dose of reality. I think I’ll stick to my cheap sushi dates and getting caught in the rain.

But for anyone who wants to be on The Bachelor, let me just tell you: Your mom was right. There really are a lot of fish in the sea. Or at least at the aquarium.

Cover Image Credit: The Cut

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The Problem With Season 8 Of 'Game Of Thrones' Isn't Just In The Creators — It's The Fans, Too

Let's not allow our own fallible hopes for more, ruin what we had in front of us.

Season 8 Episode 5 was masterful, but it won't get that credit because the tide has turned with fans; Season 8 won't be perceived as good because hardcore fans have decided so.

This season was never going to end satisfyingly, so we should shut up and try to enjoy the end to a series we've been with so long.

I once overheard the saying, "happiness is reality minus expectations," and I can't help but think it applies to the dissatisfaction fans all over the world seem to have with the ending of "Game of Thrones." We, as a fan base, fell in love with our theories and when the canonical story unfolded in front of our eyes and lacked what we wished it didn't, we're all left with the taste of wildfire in our mouths. I know it's cool to hate GoT right now, but don't miss the chance to appreciate this show, and the spectacle it creates so incredibly before it's gone.

Live look-in on what it's like defending Thrones online this season.

The decision to make Thrones have shortened seasons and longer episodes were single-handedly the worst choices the show could make. Fitting that a show with Jaime Lannister has a single-handed reason for anything. You can't replace the real-time, week-to-week, break that helps aid character development. Simply making episodes longer doesn't replace that, in fact, it makes the story feel even more rushed.

The number of episodes in Season 7 and 8 and their respective duration were released well before the episodes aired. In some ways, this was the original sin of trying to end Thrones. It annoyed fans who grew accustomed to 10 episodes a season. That length makes sense when you consider how much world building and storylines need to be fleshed out each year.

However, fans realized were told just how little screen time was left in the series virtually right after the series wrapped up Season 6 — arguably the greatest stretch of episodes by any show in TV history — the realization became apparent: Whoever is running the show wants to be done with it.

It's actually pretty obvious why they would want to be done with it as well, and I'm not even factoring in the bullshit internet outrage the entire cast & crew has had to deal with for the entire duration of the show.

D&D; (David Benioff and D.B. Weiss, the showrunners) couldn't handle the weight of this epic saga. Their imaginations crushed under the climactic pressure of George R. R. Martin's brainchild like the Mountain and the Viper.

In the beginning, the Thrones writing staff had an abundance of source material at their disposal. The promise of "The Winds of Winter" being finished before the show was over seemed like a sure thing, but it never happened. G.R.R.M. never really upheld his end of the bargain. He recently admitted he hasn't even started the last book, "A Dream of Spring."

To the defense of D&D;, they never signed up to create fan-fiction. There is a discernible difference in quality when the show has source material to work with and when they have the Spark Notes to work with. As a fan, I knew going into this newest season of Thrones that it would be a diminished product.

As much as it hurts, Tormund should've died in this fight.

The show showed a lack of convictions in Season 7 and some rushed storytelling, too. This isn't to say the season was utter garbage overall (though it was pretty bad). The actors, writers like Bryan Cogman, and production designers did everything in their power to deliver a great show.

The best non-battle moment in all of S7. www.youtube.com

No matter how silly it was that nearly everyone survived that encounter beyond the wall with the Night King, it will never take away some of the iconic moments Season 7 was able to produce.

The TV show, whether they think it's what fans want or not, has chiseled down the cast to a handful with two main focuses. Essentially this has been the Dany and Jon show for the past 12 episodes. Us fans got used to losing important characters at the drop of a hat, but when season 7 didn't much deliver, it pointed toward the show following a more formulaic route. Thrones decided to save most of those deaths for the endgame. Which is honestly fine with me.

I am confident the novels (if they're ever finished) will be much more fulfilling and will end in a completely different manner. The novels won't be afraid to make us hurt, and George R. R. Martin is fine with taking his time — a luxury the show doesn't have.

This show was never gonna end 'well,' but it does have to end. The 'Cleganebowl' was everything I could've hoped for. The way Jaime and Cersei ended their Shakespearean romance was tragic and beautiful. The goodbye between Tyrion and Jaime may be my favorite moment of S8 so far. Let's not allow our own fallible hopes for more, ruin what we had in front of us.

After all, Ramsay Bolton said it best.

If you think this has a happy ending, you haven't been paying attention... www.youtube.com

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