24 Things That Lasted Longer Than The Alley
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24 Things That Lasted Longer Than The Alley


24 Things That Lasted Longer Than The Alley

As I'm sure every Rutgers student knows by now, the infamous "Alley" (only infamous through because it only lasted 11, or so, days), was shut down by University officials last week through a tweet reproduced. Needless to say, students are outraged calling for a protest of football games until the student tailgate is reinstated.

The Alley was officially opened prior to the first home game of the season against Howard University on September 10th. It was intended to be a student tailgate in hope to have higher attendance at games and seemed to be working too! The first two (and only two) games the Alley made an appearance, attendance was higher, the student section was filled, and the Scarlet Knights won both games. Sounds like something to keep going, am I right?!?! So without further ado, here are 24 things that lasted longer than our beloved Alley! Be sure to share this with your friends to raise awareness of #FREETHEALLEY

Commercial breaks during your favorite prime time show

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphies's marriage

Time it takes to break in a new pair of shoes

My Netflix free trial

A Rutgers football winning streak

The time it took me to write an expos paper Freshman year

Most songs on the iTunes top 100

The amount of time it took Donald trump to end his endorsement from David Duke

When Xfocus hacked RU Wireless

The line in the Dunkin Donuts in the Douglas Student Center

The time it takes to read every crime alert in the past year

Any of Taylor Swift's Relationships

Brock Turner's Jail Sentence

The time it takes to get from C/D to College Ave on a EE at rush hour

Keying in your RU id at the dining hall when you forgot your swipe

The jail sentence for feeding a seagull in Ocean City, NJ

The pause after Dora asks a question

The time it takes to digest Brower food

Fruit from your last grocery store excursion

The longest amount of time I was grounded as a kid

A pack of gum in middle school

DJ Khaled's snap story

The time it takes me to finish any season of Greys Anatomy

The amount of time it took Pat Hobbs to shotgun a beer

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