23 Things I Would Love My Boyfriend To Get Me For Christmas
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23 Things I Would Love My Boyfriend To Get Me For Christmas

These are the gifts I would like to ask my boyfriend for

23 Things I Would Love My Boyfriend To Get Me For Christmas

Recently, an article on Total Sorority Move, called 23 Things My Boyfriend Better Not Get Me For Christmas, was going around on social media. I hope the author of this was kidding or using digital sarcasm, but I am still repulsed and shocked by the lack of appreciation throughout this article. I would like to represent the girlfriends out there who disagree with her standpoint -- the girlfriends who would be more than happy to receive any of these gifts from their boyfriend.

1. Bath And Body Works

A girl could never have enough lotion or perfume. You could never go wrong with some Bath and Body Works.

2. An engagement ring

Well, obviously, we're too young to get married, but if you bought me an expensive engagement ring, I would never ever expect you to spend any more money on me for an extra gift.

3. A promise ring

How could I get mad at you getting me a ring to show our love fro each other?

4. Any sort of ring

Any sort of ring is expensive and thoughtful and I would most certainly wear it with the upmost appreciation.

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5. Lingerie

Not only are bras and underwear are expensive, but any guy who braves going into Victoria's Secret by themselves deserves an award.

6. Any kind of exercise gear

Lululemon, Nike, and Under Armor, even more expensive than lingerie. Its not cheap being a girl who lives in yoga pants.

7. ...or any kind of clothing at all

I get you clothes sometimes, so it would be perfectly reasonable if I got some from you too. Again, any guy who braves any type of dreadful clothing store deserves an award too.

8. Chocolate

A girl can never have too much chocolate, and a guy who gets a girl chocolate obviously knows the way to her heart.

9. Anything that can't be exchanged for store credit

I love everything about your style, and since we even have similar style, I am sure I would love whatever you pick out.

10. A gift card

A Chipotle or even Starbucks gift card and I am yours forever.

11. Something handmade

How adorable, nice, thoughtful and utterly fantastic it would be if you gave me something handmade. It would surely be a present I would never forget and keep forever.

12. Gloves

Walking to class in winter is never fun, more gloves would be much appreciated.

13. Fake earrings

To be honest, I would much rather prefer you get me fake earrings rather than spend way too much on diamonds

14. A picture

Any picture you would give me, whether it's of us or you or a place we've been, I would hold very close to my heart.

15. A watch

Again, why would I be mad if you got me a watch? Another perfectly reasonable gift that I would be more than happy to receive.

16. Anything you also bought your ex

How would I know every present you got for an ex-girlfriend? You may think we know. Trust us, we don't.

17. Tiffany

Another expensive brand that I would be more than grateful to have.

18. A book

As an avid book nerd, I would be more than happy to receive a book. That's a golden gift in my eyes.

19. Anything sports related

A jersey, comfy sweatshirt or sports team t-shirt I would definitely put to great use.

20. Socks

Maybe even fuzzy socks? Is this Heaven?

21. Donations to charity

How could I get mad at you for donating to charity? Someone who gives back to the community, especially during the holidays, is a true angel.

22. Stuffed animals

Bringing out our inner child is something we both can't hold back from. Having a soft, stuffed animal to cuddle with when you're not there is a perfect solution.

23. Nothing

And I would still love you.

All in all, my point is that any gift that is given should be greatly appreciated by whoever is receiving it. Whether it's from your boyfriend, best friend or parents -- knowing that someone gave their thought and spent their hard earned money to get you something is more than enough. Remember to thank those who give you gifts this year during the holidays.

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