23 Signs You Are From Fairfield County, Connecticut
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23 Signs You Are From Fairfield County, Connecticut

Oh, so you're from Fairfield County?

23 Signs You Are From Fairfield County, Connecticut

There are a lot of stereotypes that are commonly associated with the state of Connecticut, and most of them derive from the obscenely wealthy and prestigious Fairfield County. However, if you're lucky enough to have grown up in the 203, it's just a place you call home. Here are some signs that you may have grown up in Fairfield County:

1. You spend all of your money at the shops in Westport or Greenwich Ave

Brandy Melville, Vineyard Vines, Urban Outfitters; you know it, they have it.

2. The cars parked in the student lots at your high school are probably worth more than the actual school when combined.

Probably 95 percent of your classmates drove BMWs, Audis, or Range Rovers.

3. Your high school’s curriculum rivals the education of some colleges.

We've been taught with a college preparatory curriculum since the eighth grade.

4. The taxes are through the roof.

Everything is taxed, literally.

5. You take the Merritt Parkway, Route 7, or 95 to get just about anywhere.

We don't have a lot of main highways, except these three.

6. It takes you 20 minutes to get to somewhere with proper civilization.

There's a good chance you probably live in a town that only has trees and winding roads filled with potholes.

7. You count down the days until Ferris Acres Creamery re-opens for the summer.

This is by far the best ice cream you will ever eat, and nobody can tell you otherwise.

8. Your neighborhood is filled with sprawling lawns and stone mansions.

Oh, is this not normal in other places?

9. Your family owns more cars than there are licensed drivers in the family.

I have a family of three, and for whatever reason, we somehow need six cars.

10. You summer in the Hamptons, Nantucket, or Martha’s Vineyard.

The beaches are better, and the islands are our getaways.

11. Vineyard Vines and Sperry’s are always incorporated into your daily attire.

Pastels and prepsters everywhere.

12. Jones Family Farm and Silverman’s Farm are seasonal classics.

Nothing will replace our apple picking and Christmastime hobbies.

13. Your refer to New York City as just “The City.”

There is no other city that compares to ours.

14. Metro-North is either your best friend or your worst enemy.

On a good day you'll make it to your destination without any delays or de-railings, but on a bad day, boy, is it bad.

15. At least once during the summer you go to Alive @ 5 in Stamford or tailgate at Xfinity.

What can I say, we love our concerts.

16. Half the people you graduated high school with attend UCONN.

We were born to bleed blue, and what better way to show our husky pride then attend UCONN?

17. Your Friday nights consisted of rooting on your high school football team.

Friday night lights isn't only in Dillon, Texas.

18. You’re used to the sarcastic reactions you get when you tell people where you live.

These reactions normally consist of an eye roll and "Well that makes sense."

19. You are, or you know someone who is a millionaire.

How else are we going to afford the taxes?

20. The diners were the holy grail of restaurants during those late night hunger strikes.

Penny's, Orem's, and many others satisfy our after midnight cravings.

21. You’ve attended a beach party at Penfield or Jennings.

Normally thrown by a Fairfield U student, but that doesn't stop you from crashing them. 22. You played soccer or lacrosse as a kid.

You probably learned how to kick a soccer ball before taking your first steps.

23. Despite all of the hate the FFC receives, you wouldn’t trade your upbringing for the world.

It's my home, and always will be.

No matter where I end up, or where I'll eventually live, there will always be a little Fairfield County in me.

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