21 Signs You Were A Multiple Sport Athlete

There is something special about each and every sport. Most have the same goal in mind and that is to score more points than the other team. However, each sport gives you a set of different skills. You use different muscles and learn something new.

1. The start of every season meant adjusting to the new sport.

During a season of a certain sport, you focus on one set of skills. You use different muscles. For example in soccer, you run more distance with some sprinting. In basketball, you are sprinting the whole time. In soccer, you look at the net, then you look down to shoot. In basketball, you have to look at the net when you are shooting. If you were transitioning from soccer to basketball, you might find yourself looking at the ball as you shoot, resulting in an airball.

2. You had a lot of coaches. I mean a lot.

Growing up you had a lot of coaches. In high school, you're going to have a lot of coaches. You're used to the bad ones and you love the good ones. You learned how to be coachable and go with the flow.

3. You couldn't pick a "favorite."

At least growing up, you probably had a hard time picking out which sport you liked the best. You liked them all. You were also good at them all.

4. You were probably really fast.

"You can teach a fast kid how to do anything athletically, but you can't teach a slow kid how to be fast." Speed is one of the biggest assets someone can have. It is something that you are basically born with. You can work on technical skills and get better at them, but speed is something that can't be stopped.

5. You have a lot of energy.

You need a lot of energy to go from sport to sport. You seemed to have a body that just didn't get tired. Sitting on the couch and "chilling" wasn't even a thing that you did. Ever. You were the definition of always on the go and you wouldn't have it any other way. If you don't play a sport anymore, during your free time you probably find yourself running or doing something that involves physical activity.

6. Carbs are everything.

You ate a lot and it didn't matter because you would just burn it on up. You likely loved pasta.

7. You're used to being in the car.

Driving from game to game and tournament to tournament was something that you got used to. You're used to being that kid that had to leave as soon as the game ended. You were that one that couldn't listen to what the coach had to say after the game because you didn't have time. You'd run to the car and run to your next game, hoping that you wouldn't be late.

8. You were always picked first in gym class.

Everyone knew that you were good at everything. Even if you didn't play that specific sport, you still got picked because you'd somehow figure out a way to be good at it.

9. Coaches from sports you didn't play tried to recruit you.

There were coaches in sports that you didn't play that were always trying to get you to "just try" the sport that they coached. They knew who you were and they knew that even if you didn't know what you were doing that you would still be an asset.

10. Each team holds a special, but different, place in your heart.

You had your team that was very quiet. You had your team that you could go absolutely crazy with. You had your team that was always wanting to be together every season. You had your team that you grew up with. Each team was different, but you loved all of your teammates.

11. Hoodies and sweatpants make up your entire wardrobe.

Why would you ever "dress up"? You never had to as a kid, so even wearing jeans can be a pain. Tennis shoes were life and if you ever wore anything other than hoodies, sweatpants and tennis shoes it must have been a really special occasion.

12. Off-days are weird.

If you had an off-day you literally didn't know what to do with it. What does one do a day that they didn't have a practice or a game? You probably ended up sleeping.

13. You shake off injuries as if they are nothing.

If you play multiple sports, you're going to get hurt. You're used to just taping it up and pretending like it never happened. You will be so used to being in pain you will feel weird when you don't have pain in your body.

14. You find yourself doing other sports' routines in practice or games.

You can find yourself pitching a basketball, practicing free throw form with a soccer ball, and many other things similar. You know the "flip-throw in" in soccer? That's a nice cheerleading and soccer hybrid.

15. When games overlapped, you had an anxiety attack.

This was the worst thing that could happen to you. This is when you had to choose which sport to play. It normally didn't even come down to choosing the sport, it came down to which team needed you more.

16. You're used to being yelled at.

Some of your best coaches were the ones who yelled at you the most. They genuinely cared about your success and you learned to respond well to being yelled at.

17. You had a brand of shoes that you loved, and you stuck with it.

Some people don't like Nike because they are "too skinny." Some people don't like Adidas because they are "ugly." No matter what brand you liked you most likely had every cleat and high top in that specific brand.

18. Your coaches fought over you.

You couldn't be two places at once. Some coaches wanted you to focus most to all of your time on one sport because they saw how much potential you had. You found yourself in a tug of war between coaches at all times.

19. You find yourself being too aggressive in sports that shouldn't require that much aggression.

When you're playing volleyball and you suddenly have the urge to slide tackle some girl on the opposite side of the next. When you body slam into the first basemen in softball because that would be acceptable in soccer. Sometimes, in sports where you need to chill out, you don't, and you can be seen as a "dirty" player.

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20. Seasonal depression didn't exist.

You had a sport for every season and you were excited about every new season. You didn't have a reason to be sad. The only kind of depression you had was injury depression.

21. You love your parents more than anything else in the world.

They most likely worked with you in the little off-time that you had. They spent all of their free time taking you from practice to practice and from game to game. They dropped so much money on club fees and out of town tournaments. You literally have the greatest parents in the world.

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