1. We all have a lot more in common than we think

After the results of the 2016 election our country seemed incredibly divided. However, after the airing of a new show, I Love You, America with Sarah Silverman I learned that we have a lot more in common than we believe. We are all confused and concerned, but also have a deep love for ourselves, family, and our neighbor.

2. Calling your state representative isn't as scary as it seems

Only recently with the scare of the extinction of net neutrality did I call a representative. My representative didn't personally call, but someone did and talked with me about where my representative stands. I'm sure there are more layers to this, but it was liberating to make that call.

3. Some things are just out of my control

The GOP tax bill, relatives in the hospital, death, scheduling, and so much more - I cannot control it all. It's not even about controlling, but rather I can't solve all of the world's problems now matter how desperately I want to.

4. Rick & Morty is actually hilarious

It's graphic, messy, and makes you feel like a terrible person - it's great.

5. Good things come with patience and diligence

This is where the rubber meets the road. Where my confidence and self-being take flight. I've not been terribly proud or keen before, but with hardwork and patience I am becoming much more skilled, confident, aware, and humble.

6. Changes aren't always bad

I was terrified of some changes being made this year - however, they were all for the better and I couldn't imagine what my year would be like if they had stayed the same.

7. People don't care as much as I do

This isn't to say no one cares, but when it comes to the things I care about the work I put into them the amount of care I give to the result doesn't always measure up to how much others care. They care, yes, but I care more and sometimes that gets in my way.

8. I can't always get what I want

Sometimes things are taken away or not given to us to teach us lessons or keep up pushing towards the big goal at the end. I've learned this the hard way and it has kept me patient.

9. I should make more time for reading and listening

Both of these I believe everyone could do more of. Often we watch and talk too much, but never consume.

10. Yoga is my best friend

During the summer this was my relief. I wasn't too good at it, but I felt really good after each session I did. Not only that, but my mind felt easier and my appetite decreased a ton.

11. Dogs make everything better

Need I explain more?

12. Cooking is not only good for your tummy, but also your soul

I realized that I am actually quite good in the kitchen. The reason isn't because of dumb luck, but because of the nourishment is provides my soul. I love cooking - especially for others.

13. Music is salvation

If you don't agree with this, please reassess.

14. Forgiveness is easier than resentment

I've been crossed a few times this year. Each time hurt - some more than others of course. Rather than holding onto anger and resentment, I found that forgiving was much easier to deal with. It's not my responsibility to deal with the burden of wrongdoing, but the person's who is at fault. I can only do so much, and taking care of myself comes first.

15. Collaboration trumps competition

We all learn so much more from working together rather than against each other. Information is shared, people talk, people listen - so many great things come from this and I wish people did more of it.

16. I am better at being myself than any one else is

I cannot keep comparing myself to others and letting myself fall down that spiral of self-deprecation. It's so much easier to do than to appreciate myself and what I have to offer. Evidently, I am the best me. I will never be as good as this or that person.

17. 2018 is a new election season

Go vote!