I know everyone comes up with a list of resolutions and it only takes about a week to break them. The usual tend to lean towards gym memberships, relationship changes, and the “new year, new me” selfies.

Last year I made two resolutions; to read the bible every day for a year and to journal each day of what I felt was a monumental part of the day and deserved to be remembered. While my goal to grow closer in my faith did not reach the heights I wished it to, my journal entry a day for a year soared. I felt like I could breathe a little easier and sleep a little more soundly after my little “therapy session” with my journal.

I like uniform and organization, it’s the characteristics that make up my personality. So it only made sense for each journal article to be penned in the same respect. Each day started off with the date, a quote of the day that I found on Pinterest (this year’s resolution is to spend a little less time on Pinterest…), the bible verse or verses of the day that I read, or should have, and bulleted lists of moments, events or thoughts that made up each day.

Throughout my year of journaling, all 365 days of words and thoughts, I felt like a whole new chapter and habit of my life has begun. Anxiety is something almost all of us suffer from daily, and some more than others. My word of advice for anyone one with and level of anxiety? JOURNAL! I was able to record how my feelings, both good and bad, soared and plummeted on certain days, and I was also able to make the bad days better by reading over previous days of fun and love by those around me.

Journaling was able to boast my self-esteem, and let me overcome the challenges of my day to day life by writing them down and seeing how friends, tests, fights and activities effected my life.

As we ring in the new year, I haven’t decided if I will be journaling each day, but I know I will always have the resources available if I need to write down the feels of my day. I do know however, that this year will be my year.

2017 is going to be all about being a more whole and loving person. It is going to be about stopping to smell the roses instead of sweating the small stuff. For me, 2017 will bring about many changes, challenges, and new opportunities.

In 2017, I will turn 21 (fun, fun right?), will travel to Europe for the first time to experience the architecture and adventure Greece has to offer, and will begin student teaching as I prepare to begin my life and career as a teacher. As I begin this monuments year, I hope that I can bring the love and fun that so many have brought to my life for the last 20 years, and bring about some change and love to the world as a whole.