If NFL Teams Were Marvel Characters

If NFL Teams Were Marvel Characters

What if we could combine the two into an epic showdown?

With the 2016 NFL Draft just around the corner, Marvel has been posting out movies like no other. So with that in mind, let's find out what teams will be drafting in the first round of the 2016 Marvel NFL Draft.

1. Tennessee Titans — The Incredible Hulk

Tennessee needs help at the offensive line to protect Marcus Mariota. He’s part Bruce Banner, but the Incredible Hulk is a mean animal who will destroy anyone in his path. Mariota would love to have him on his team.

2. Cleveland Browns — Captain America

The Cleveland Browns need a miracle to salvage their season after failing to sign any big names this offseason. Captain America would be a huge upgrade at the quarterback position. Yes, the Browns have multiple needs to address, but they need a leader. Captain America is the definition of a true leader.

3. San Diego Chargers – The Thing

The San Diego Chargers will have to decide between defensive back and offensive line. With Hulk off the board, the Chargers still have several players they could get at offensive tackle. While the Thing doesn’t have the strength of Hulk, he still has great size and could be a great upgrade at the offensive line.

4. Dallas Cowboys — Wolverine

The Cowboys need to upgrade at the pass rush for the future. Wolverine is a mutant who will claw his way through offensive linemen and become a double-digit sack leader in the NFL in the coming years. While he is a basket case, Jerry Jones is known for taking on basket cases.

5. Jacksonville Jaguars — Thor

The Jags brought in a huge overflow of new players in the 2016 offseason, but they still could use help on the outside. Thor could be lined up as a 3-4 outside linebacker or a 4-3 defensive end. Meanwhile, he could use his hammer to smack anyone out of his way to get in the backfield and destroy a quarterback … literally

6. Baltimore Ravens — Colossus

While it’s not a dire need, the Baltimore Ravens need to upgrade at offensive line after considering moving on from Eugene Monroe. After the upgrade, Fox Searchlight gave Colossus from the X-Men, his muscular metal frame would be a huge blind side protector for many years to come for good ole Joe Flacco.

7. San Fransisco 49er’s — Cyclops

The San Francisco 49er’s will be moving on from Colin Kaepernik soon, and will need a new leader behind center. The leader of the X-Men, Cyclops would automatically be a great option to lead Chip Kelly’s offense. Quick release and solid accuracy, Cyclops will just need to keep his glasses on and the 49er’s will have an exploding offense.

8. Philadelphia Eagles — Quicksilver

The Eagles traded away DeMarco Murray and while Ryan Matthews is still on staff, he doesn’t have the pure speed. Both an Avenger, X-Men and a villain, Quicksilver has the speed to burst to the outside and into the endzone without being touched. The Eagles need another speedster and speed is pretty much in his name.

9. Tampa Bay Buccaneers — Spiderman

The Buccaneers were able to go out and sign Cortland Finnegan to a short-term deal, but he’s not the answer. Even if beaten in coverage, Spiderman has the speed and agility and fling his web downfield to pull it back for an interception. He could also be used on special teams in both tackling and return skills.

10. New York Giants — Iron Man

While the Giants signed Olivier Vernon and Jason Pierre-Paul, they still need a general of the defense. Tony Stark is one of the two main leaders in the upcoming “Captain America: Civil War” movie. While Capt. is more of a quarterback, who wouldn’t want to see Iron Man line up as a middle linebacker for the boy in blue?

11. Chicago Bears — Beast

The Chicago Bears need a pass rusher on the outside. Beast is a quick powerful mutant who could line up as either a defensive end or outside linebacker for Vic Fangio’s defense. Plus, who else doesn’t think Beast kinda looks like a bear anyways? He would certainly be a huge hit as a “Monster of Midway”

12. New Orleans Saints — Thanos

The Saints need ton of help on the defense, but none more than up front. Thanos is one of the most powerful beings on the planet and could literally blow past offensive guards and into the backfield. He would be a huge addition for Dennis Allen and his young defense. Sometimes a veteran is all you need…even if the veteran is over 10,000 years old.

13. Miami Dolphins — Deadpool

This one to me is a no-brainer due to his lazy attitude and witty employs of having fun. The Dolphins need help in the defensive back position and Deadpool would be a solid shutdown corner in South Beach. How you ask? Because whenever a ball would come in his path, he’d literally just shoot it down…then make a comment on how girly the opposing teams wide receivers look.

14. Oakland Radiers — War Machine

The Raiders were another team who scored big in free agency, but they still could use another outside linebacker. War Machine has tons of gadgets and weapons on his suit where he could shoot or blow up any offensive lineman while forcing his way into the backfield. In the end, War Machine already has the colors and attitude to fit down in Oakland for the the new and improved Raiders.

15. Los Angeles Rams — Mr. Fantastic

The Rams are right now secure with their choice to start Case Keenum as their quarterback for the 2016 season. Finding him weapons in key and no matter how dumb his power is, Mr. Fantastic would be an excellent wide receiver in the NFL. Using his body to stretch his way through opposing defenses, Mr. Fantastic could use his big hands and long arms to snag any ball across the field and find his way into the end zone.

16. Detroit Lions — Black Panther

The Lions watched their all-time leading receiver Calvin Johnson walk away from the game this past season, so finding his replacement at some point during the draft is key. Who wouldn’t want a speedster like Black Panther running a go route against a slow corner and into the end zone? Black Panther is everything you want in a speed receiver and the Lions would love to have this jungle cat on their team.

17. Atlanta Falcons — Groot

Much like the Chicago Bears, the Atlanta Falcons need a pass rusher to get into the backfield. Standing at 10 feet tall, Groot would make sense as a strong side defensive end to throw opponents out of his path and make teams regret lining up against him. The Falcons only had 17 sacks in 2015, Groot could have 17 sacks in one game for the Falcons.

18. Indianapolis Colts — Juggernaut

Finding protecting at the left tackle position is a major need for Colts and Juggernaut could be a great one in the NFL. Pretty much an freight train with feet, Juggernaut would be able to put any linebacker on the ground with a pancake block while keeping luck up long enough to make an accurate throw.

19. Buffalo Bills — Drax

The Bills recently cut defensive end Mario Williams due to contract disagreement. Finding another big time edge rusher would be a nice touch up for them to look at early on. Drax is always mad and will throw anyone out of his way to get to his desired target … and I mean anyone.

20. New York Jets — Star Lord

With no guarantee that the Jets will re-sign Ryan Fitzpatrick this season, so getting a quarterback to lead the offense is key. Star Lord is the leader of the Guardians of the Galaxy. While his methods may not be the best, his results work and he would thrive living in the Big Apple.

21. Washington Redskins — Luke Cage

The Redskins only had Terrance “Pot-Roast” Knighton for one season so adding bulk on the line is a solid move to make. Luke Cage is a huge combat skill fighter who would be a great asset to the defensive line in DC.

22. Houston Texans — Human Torch

The Texans found their quarterback and running back of the future in Brock Osweiler and Lamar Miller. While DeAndre Hopkins is their number one receiver, the Texans could use a speedster for the long passes down the field. The Human Torch can fly all over a football field and with his hands, he’d be hard to stop finding his way into the end zone.

23. Minnesota Vikings — Nightcrawler

The Minnesota Vikings got a steal last season in wide receiver Stefon Diggs but after him, their receiving corp is looking mighty weak. Nightcrawler isn’t the fastest player out there, but teams would have to get ready for his “now you see me, now you don’t” style of play. He’d be a great number-one receiver for Teddy Bridgewater to look for deep downfield.

24. Cincinnati Bengals — Vision

The Bengals are another team who could use a wide receiver early on. Vision has the ability to fly so he could fly down the field to make a reception then walk his way into the end zone. While Vision could play anywhere on the field, I think his best option would be a receiver with his speed.

25. Pittsburgh Steelers — Falcon

For multiple seasons now, scouts have said that the Pittsburgh Steelers need help in the defensive backfield. Falcon can fly backwards and then have the ability to break out of his back pedal and swoop in to make an interception. So far is seems like a win-win for both the Steelers and Sam Wilson.

26. Seattle Seahawks — Dr. Octopus

The Seattle Seahawks need multiple offensive linemen to replace their weakened line after failing to resign three members of it this offseason. Dr. Octopus has four arms that could be used all across the offensive line as protection for Russell Wilson. Yes he’s a villain, but he could be turned good for a huge hefty rookie contract.

27. Green Bay Packers — Storm

The Packers need help at the linebacker position and with finding a way to get to the quarterback. Storm would be able to control the weather to make it always snowing in Lambeau Field. Remeber, it’s almost impossible to stop the frozen D of Green Bay when it snows up at Lambeau.

28. Kansas City Chiefs — Ant Man

Sean Smith recently left the Chiefs for rivals Oakland this offseason, so finding his replacement would be a very good move to make. Ant Man has the ability to shrink down to size and then regrow when needed. He’d be great as a cornerback who could appear just in time to make an interception as well as be a great tackler by shrinking down to minimal size and then make a tackle that no one would see coming.

29. Arizona Cardinals — Black Widow

The Cardinals need to add help in pass rush as well as in the defensive backfield. Much like Deadpool, Black Widow never misses her shot so she could shoot or grab any ball that comes her way. Add in the fact she’s a specialist in MMA and she’d be great as possibly an outside-backer, leading the team in tackles.

30. Carolina Panthers — Scarlet Witch

The Panthers also need help at the wide receiver position and Scarlett Witch could be a huge upgrade from Philly Brown or Ted Ginn Jr.. Using her ability to reach inside the mind of whoever is on defense, Scarlett Witch could make the defense fall asleep each play, leaving her wide open to make the catch and walk in the end zone.

31. Denver Broncos — Hawkeye

Right now the Denver Broncos need a quarterback who will be around for more than one season. Hawkeye is an expert marksman who would never miss a throw to his receivers. Face it, Hawkeye might not be the flashiest superhero in the Marvel universe, but he could get the job done in the Mile-High City.

32. New England Patriots — Ice Man

The Patriots need another wide receiver for the future who could be a stand alone type of player. Ice Man could literally put up walls between him and a defense for Tom Brady to find him or Gronk wide open downfield in the end zone. Add the fact that Ice Man is already used to the cold weather up in New England and he would be a great addition to the Pats offense.

Cover Image Credit: Fanscreate.com

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