20 Things You Know If You Went To New Trier High School

20 Things You Know If You Went To New Trier High School

Because college is fun and all, but you know what's really fun... Night League.

Attending one of the best, and biggest, public high schools in the country obviously has its perks. But, sometimes it was hard. Here are a few things every Trevian remembers as part of their high school experience.

1. Friday morning bagels

The entire advisery's opinion of you was based off tw dozen Panera bagels. Completely forgetting the bagels is social suicide, and a close second is bringing doughnuts. Even worse, is that one girl who brings something homemade... (sorry, why am I eating a stale blueberry scone when I went to bed last night dreaming about a cinnamon crunch with cream cheese)

2. Green team sweatshirts

There’s nothing quite like rolling up on a Friday morning wearing your name across your back. If you were a true Senior, you bought two and cut the sleeves off one (just to wear a different shirt underneath).

3. The Quad Header

Ah, the Quad. The things that happen at that sacred event: throwing dildos on the ice, chanting Number-47-wears-crocs cheers, sweating profusely in your Christmas sweater because you pre-gamed too hard. Every girl worshipped NTG and every NTG player was a celebrity.

4. Greeners

Hockey was so venerated that their parties had their own name. Hockey was the North Shore's Panther football (cue Friday Night Lights reference). Some of your peak nights of high school involved getting drunk with the players after they took home the W. Watch out for the nights that end in a fist fight or a wall being punched, though.

5. Every team winning state

At New Trier, we breed winners. It was an embarrassment if your sport didn’t go to state.

6. Linda Yonke

No one knows what else she does besides call snow days, but nevertheless, she was the most hated woman in the district.

7. Spelling advisery with an "E"

Because the North Shore is too boujee to do anything the normal way... Remember, we call gym "Kinetic Wellness."


8. Wearing costumes to dances

Your group argued for three weeks trying to come up with an “original costume,” just to be cowboys and aliens again anyway.

9. Being a freshman and not wearing a costume to dances

Because your first Turnabout wasn't awkward enough...

10. Getting spray tans

We live in a cold, Midwestern state that rarely sees the sun from October-May, but yet it is protocol for every pale white girl to be bronze come homecoming szn. New Trier girls and spray tans are a force to be reckoned with... if you weren't going to be borderline orange by pictures, why even go to the dance at all? Also, there’s no better way to bond with your fellow classmates than camping out at Toucan Tan for 2 hours the night before the big day.

11. Going to the dance for 45 minutes

By the time you actually got to the dance, you had not only endured pictures with your parents, but your party bus had already driven all the way to the city during high traffic to eat at Rainforest Café. To say the least, you were beyond eager to get to your friend’s Hawaiian-themed basement. You couldn’t wait another second to ditch the costume and put on that drinking-reference t-shirt you just overnighted from Amazon.

12. No one participating in spirit week except the seniors

It was so uncool to wear a jersey on Monday or tie-dye on Thursday unless you were a senior. In that case, you were rocking a denim vest over a denim shirt with a denim skirt and denim jeans for Denim Wednesday.

13. No one participating in anything except the seniors

In a school of over 4,000, it was hard to be an underclassman; you were perpetually embarrassed to do anything that might upset the "scary" seniors. Especially at football games. Since apparently, only upperclassman deserved bleachers, you were forced to hang out near the porta-potties.

14. Dance Day

One of the most underrated holidays of the year. The goal was to go for as many class periods as you could.

15. Tri-ship and girls club

Tri-ship was the O.G. frat and girl's club was really just prepping you for Panhel.

16. The Tinkle Times

If you remember one thing from your public education, it's that 3 out of 4 students haven’t smoked pot in the last 30 days.

17. Complaining that the freshman campus was nicer

Well, it was.

18. Being told that college is ~a match to be made, not a prize to be won~

At such a competitive school, it can seem like everyone is rowing at an Ivy. So honestly, sometimes it was nice to hear this cliché just to level the college pressure.

But I also wouldn't be surprised if Mrs. Paunan got the infamous phrase tattooed across her forehead some day.

19. Night League

Wednesdays at intramural basketball were truly the biggest social event of the week. Boys assumingly got really into it, but the true mark of night league was when even girls left the court with battle wounds. There’s nothing quite as novel as running into your crush while you’re dripping sweat after an aggressive battle for the Golden Shoe.

20. Forever being a Trevian

Whether you were someone who hated the small-college sized school or were someone who peaked senior year, you wouldn't trade your Trevian experience for anything.

You probably even still catch yourself humming "we don't mess" every once in a while...

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15 Tips To Save You This Semester

The long stretch is always the hardest, but you can be successful if you work hard and keep your eyes on the prize!

1. Get your stuff done ahead of time!

This is something that's really been saving me. Being proactive is a really good feeling because you're always two steps ahead of the game. If you have an assignment due Friday, do it Monday! You're so relaxed and it makes school a whole lot less stressful. Always, always, always, do your homework and classwork.

When a test doesn't go your way, those are the things that will keep your grade afloat! You will be able to sleep a lot better at night knowing that you're going to get tons of 100's in the grade book just for doing your homework and classwork!

2. Get your work checked by teachers!

They're the best references for when you need help with an assignment! Be sure to ask for help whenever you need it- and don't be ashamed, either. Your teachers are your resources and they are happy to help you! They genuinely appreciate that you care so much about your assignments and how you're doing in class, and they're always willing to help you.

3. Get together with friends- study buddies!

Studying does not have to be boring and unexciting! Of course, focus and concentration often link with quietness- that's true. However, every once in a while, it's good to switch things up and study loudly and in a fun way.

Believe it or not, studying with friends through games and quizzing each other can be just as beneficial and effective as quiet studying because if you happen to laugh about something, which is a constant with friends, you're more likely to remember it since the question you were referring to will link with a fond memory.

4. Meet with your teachers/guidance counselors often!

Having good relationships with teachers and counselors is extremely important. They make a huge impact on your high school education journey, and they're going to be your saviors in the long run when they write your glowing recommendation letters!

5. Stay on top of deadlines/ due dates

School is a lot less stressful when you already have everything taken care of prior to class! Don't let a deadline slip your mind, or get behind on things. The stress will simply keep adding up. Please, please do not wait until Thursday night at 9 P.M. to study for Friday morning's test.

Such a bad idea.

Instead, study for 20 minutes a night every day the week of the test. What's better, two hours of intense but brutal studying, that will lead to outrageous fatigue during the test the next day, or an hour and a half of focused, relaxed, gradual and spread out studying?

6. Pay attention! Don't let your mind drift during class

Please don't let your mind drift in class! School is about a couple of things, the main factors including focusing, paying attention and having a good work ethic.

7. Keep an organized planner

With the number of activities going on, there's no way I can maintain a chronological To-Do list in my head. Paper assistance is needed when grind time is non-stop everyday. Thankfully, that's where my planner comes in.

Trusty and reliant, my Charming Charlie black and gold polka-dotted "Best Day Ever" hardback planner is filled with so many scribbles and marks that most days all of my activities don't even fit in the allotted amount of time.

8. Organize your study/homework time

Homework can be given in bulk- make sure you're prepared for it. Honestly, making a To-Do List can be crucial to your success in school. Plus- it feels pretty productive and satisfying when you're able to check those points off upon the completion of the assignments.

9. Use your time management skills!

This is the number one thing that keeps me ahead of the game- we have weekends for a reason! Not just for parties and fun, but oftentimes, to get ahead of the game! Friday nights can be just as enjoyable spent studying as they can be spent partying. Plus, studying actually gives you more of an edge than a thumping headache the next day does.

10. Don't overwhelm yourself- stay calm!

Don't stress out! When you budget your time accordingly, always make sure to budget those extra couple of minutes in to reassemble yourself and relax amongst the chaos.

11. Budget your time between school, sports, clubs, arts and other extracurricular activities.

It's a struggle, but it's one that pays off in the end! Managing three clubs, three sports, a job, choir and after-school theater may be pretty stressful- but it's gonna look pretty darn impressive when it comes time for those college applications!

12. Don't get caught up in social activities!

Sometimes it's okay to have to say no to a basketball game or a party because you have to buckle down and get your work done. In the long run, what's going to matter, one sports game missed or one extra grade in the book that managed to bring your B up to an A?

13. Don't rely on other people

The big no-no! Do not ask for answers from other people! Who's going to be doing your work in the future? Chelsea from Spanish II? Heck no, sister, Chelsea is not going to be there at your job in the real world with you! It's all on you, sis, so start now. Be proactive, work hard and be independent.

14. Take care of yourself!

Trust me, I'm so guilty of this. Staying up past midnight studying, overloading on snacks and soda to keep me awake and nearly falling asleep on my textbook. I have to say, yes, it's worth it in the long run! However, though I seldom listen to myself, I do know that it's not the best option. School is a heck of a lot better when you're wide awake, energetic, relaxed, and prepared.

Cramming the night before a test is a no-no, but being a fellow dedicated student, It's something I'm just as guilty of. How I have recently been attempting to combat this is through preparation, taking advantage of any and all free time and getting down to business when it's crunch time.

15. Do the homework, do the project, do the study guide! Even do the 'unnecessary' things.

Hearing "Oh, I'm not gonna do that," sincerely breaks my heart. Why? Because the littlest assignment can be the most important when it comes to crunch time. You might not have wanted to do that extra credit because you have a 92 in the class already.

However, then what happens if you end up failing the final test, bringing you down to an 85? Your solid A is gone, bringing you down nearly to a C+. If you had simply taken advantage of that extra credit, you wouldn't have been in the situation you are now.

Cover Image Credit: Flickr Creative Commons

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