20 Things Every Girl Needs To Do Before Turning 20

1. Dye your hair.

Your hair says everything about you. Make it say what you want it to.

2. Get something pierced.

Harness the pain of adulthood. Do what you fucking want.

3. Get, like, way too drunk.

Too-drunk sucks, sure, but it’s important to play around in this hell so you learn where it starts, how you get there, and whether you think it’s worth it. Additionally, there’s no bonding like there is with your friends when you’re trashed. It always levels up a friendship, which is 100% always necessary.

5. Go streaking.

It’s the ultimate teenage experience, and you will never be a teenager again.

6. Explore religion.

People always have Opinions on whether anyone should be religious or not, and religion in general, and your religion specifically, so it can get awkward even considering exploring in what works for you. But spiritual care is important, and it's nothing anyone gets a say in besides you.

7. Set good exercise habits.

You want to get used to a good routine for when your body begins failing you later, and it's too hard to set new habits. Also for when healthcare is entirely privatized and you can’t afford to live.

8. Travel.

There’s a lot of world out there. Pile in a car, take the bus downtown, go to a new movie theater. If you want to go abroad, do it before they stop letting you come back home.

9. Try organized sports.

Experiment with sports! Teams are ready-made friends, and you get to physically express your rage at the current political climate and work out your fear for the future.

10. Do something alone.

Everyone’s with someone these days. Literally or digitally. Just hang out by yourself in public—there’s nothing worse than that, and there’s also nothing better.

11. Vote.

12. Explore a national park.

National parks sustain life, offer countless opportunities for research, and host so much beauty. So get out there and see some while we've still got them.

13. Stock up on birth control.

The right to your own body and the right to decide when you want to use it to create a person is indescribably important. Stockpile contraception while you have access.

14. Enjoy nature!

Before oncoming environmental deregulations worsen climate change.

15. Enjoy nature!

Before nuclear war becomes something we genuinely have to worry about. For context, the president alone has total control over the U.S's nuclear arsenal. Eliot Cohen doubts this is a "mentally healthy" president. On a different but related note, go outside: enjoy the planet while we have one.

16. Exercise freedom of speech.

Maybe write some angry articles?

17. Reflect fondly on your public school education.

Look back on your excellent public school education, wherein you learned things such as science, world religions, climate change, and how to count.

20. Cry in public.

So you had some feelings. Whatever, it’s just water. Besides, you have a lot to cry about.

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