20 Things Cheerleaders Have Said At Least 100 Times

Cheerleading comes with its own dictionary. There are so many words and phrases that you would only understand if you have been highly involved in the cheer world for years. This is why us cheerleaders just get each other.

No one has a bigger icy hot collection than we do and 5,6,7,8 are not just any numbers. Hearing the words "full out" give us nightmares and no one else will understand that quite like we do.

If you have spent some time in the cheer world, then you understand these 20 things that we say on a daily basis:

1. Sorry I can't, I have practice.

2. Can you count for me?

3. 5,6,7,8

4. Hit hit hit pull

5. I love cheerleading.

6. How long till practice is over?

7. Oh no, the "f" word.

8. Is my hair high enough?

9. My *insert body part* hurts.

10. Stay tight.

11. Lock your leg.

12. Pull hard.

13. How many more full outs?

14. I'm so sore.

15. Who has icy hot?

16. I hate cheerleading.

17. Look how white my new cheer shoes are.

18. I want a ring.


20. Oh shit, they were good.

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