Things I Miss About Kansas City
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Things I Miss About Kansas City

20 things you miss when you aren't in KC.

Things I Miss About Kansas City

Going away for college was one of the best decisions I have ever made. It's good to get out of the town where you have lived almost all of your life and to jump into a place where you don't have a comfortable normalcy that feels so idle. That being said, I miss Kansas City. I don't miss everything, because I will never miss rush hour traffic or the weird fact that apparently no one works or goes to school on Thursdays because everywhere is packed, but I do miss some of the little things that make KC so great.

1. The feeling of community after one of our teams wins.

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Kansas City loves a team win no matter what sport. After a win, you can hear the fireworks and people honking their horns or blaring music to celebrate that win. You can expect to hear multiple conversations the next day about "what an amazing play" some player made, or how everyone hated the call made by the umpire or referee.

2. The fan insanity over our sports teams.

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It's no secret that Kansas City has dedicated fans, and its something everyone is very proud of. Whether a KC team wins or looses, there will always be the fans that are pumped to the max with support for their favorite teams.

3. The copious amount of coffee shops.

Being an avid coffee drinker who went to college in a town that doesn't have a coffee shop that is open during the school year or in the evening, I seriously miss the ability to find so many wonderful coffee shops everywhere I go. From Quay to Roasterie, there is enough coffee shops in KC to feed my coffee loving need.

4. Fountains you can find almost everywhere.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

Did you know that Kansas City is known as The City of Fountains? There are a whopping 200 fountains in the metropolitan area, and they are all quite picturesque. The one above is one of my favorites, along with the fountain on the plaza where the child is urinating.

5. Being with in reach of amazing barbecue.

There is a reason that Kansas City is the home of the worlds best barbecue. With so many options and types of barbecue, I miss the ability to get barbecue no matter what part of KC I'm in. The town my college is in doesn't even have a barbecue joint, and even though I'm not a huge barbecue eater, I miss the ability to go anywhere, smell the ribs in the smoker and find a great barbecue joint.

6. Power and Light watch parties.

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Power and Light watch parties are a great example of what an amazing community Kansas City really is. There is no great and grosser feeling than being shoulder to should with random people while you cheer on your favorite team. Its an absolute rush.

7. First Friday's.

These art walks, though sometimes hectic and quite packed, are like a melting pot for KC culture. There is all kinds of cool food, art and things to buy from local KC artists and chefs. Plus, you get to be surrounded, and possibly feel like a real "hipster." Who doesn't love that?

8. Science City in Union Station.

As a kid, every one loved when they got to go to Science City with their school class, but now as I broach becoming an adult, its one of the attractions I would love to go and just spend a day at. This awesome attraction is a curious kids playground, literally, and now that people consider me somewhat of an adult, I would love to go. If even just for a few hours, I would love to feel like a 10 year old kid again who gets to color, climb and play all over everything.

9. The open lawn and huge sculptures at The Nelson Atkins Art Museum.

Whenever the craving for a picnic comes, the lawn of the Nelson is a great place to sit, eat and people watch. Whether you fancy tanning in the sun while reading a great book, or sitting beneath the shade of one of the gigantic sculptures, this is the prime place for casual chill.

10. The Kansas City theatre scene.

The KC theatre scene is not one to be messed with. There is always a new show to see at one of the many amazing theatres, and the local play write movement is quickly growing, meaning we get to see many ground breaking new shows, that have yet to be performed anywhere else. There are plenty of theatres for everyone to visit, and plenty of shows to suit every age. To name a few: The Unicorn Theatre, The Kansas City Rep, The Coterie Theatre and The Met.

11. The Attractions.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

Many people lost some amazing middle school summers to Worlds of Fun, Oceans of Fun and the Schlitterbahn. But that's ok, because who doesn't love a good roller coaster or water slide. Talk about a fun way to avoid your obligations and kill a few hours, days and dollars.

12. The local shops.

The local shopping scene in KC is amazing. There are plenty of shops you can only find in KC as well as the chain stores (Forever21, Macy's, Target.) Brookeside, Westport, Independence, and Lees Summit are just a few places where you mind find the perfect local boutique to fit your fancy.

13. The City Market.

Whether you are looking to buy some locally grown fruits and veggies, or whether you're looking for products created by locals, the City Market is one of the best places to find it all. Starting super early every weekend, the City Market is a great place to kill a Saturday.

14. Urban Farmers and their fresh produce.

Through out the year, every year, my family gets fruits and vegetables from a local farmer within KC. Having such a strong and up coming urban farming community in KC means that there are always plenty of fruits and veggies to go around as well as plenty of places to get them.

15. Live performances.

KC is lucky to be in the center of the U.S., so we get many concerts and performances. With so many amazing places to hold a concert or show, Kansas City is a prime tour destination for so many amazing artists and bands. There is always something going on at one of the many performance halls, which means there is plenty of performances to suit any type of genre or age group.

16. The Zoo.

The Kansas City Zoo is an awesome place to go when you have a free day and would love to have some fun. This zoo is constantly progressing, making it a great place to go for fun and to learn about the different animals from around the world.

17. Hole in the wall restaurants.

Some of Kansas City's best food joints are not your typical eye catchers. Every burrow of KC has amazing little restaurants and diners to feed every fancy or craving you might have. The best places to eat are places the untrained eye might not see. To name a few: G's Jamaican Cuisine, Grinders, The Peanut and You Say Tomato.

18. Town Topic Burgers.

Easily the best burgers in all of KC, and also considered a whole in the wall joint. Proven by the fact that this restaurant is always packed and has a long line, the delicious burger and fries is well worth whatever wait you may experience.

19. Winstead's milkshakes.

[rebelmouse-proxy-image crop_info="%7B%22image%22%3A%20%22https%3A//" expand=1]

There is nothing more satisfying than ordering a large milkshake from Winstead's. The old time diner feel of the restaurant makes the experience all the more satisfying, because you feel like you're in an old movie.

20. The view from the WW2 Museum.

You don't get a view like this from your dorm room window. There is nothing better than this view.

I'll admit, I have taken being from such an amazing city, such as Kansas City, for granted, but now I see it's true beauty. When I was younger, I counted away the time I spent at home. Now, I count down the days until I'm back in the city that I love.

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