1. If you're thinking about eating it, just eat it.

No shame at all! We all know a girl's best friend is food.

2. Never go to bed angry.

The problems will still be there in the morning, so solve it before your head hits the pillow.

3. The Earth doesn't revolve around your cell phone.

There is so much more to this world than our little, lit up boxes. Truly living life doesn't happen on your phone. Never trade nature for pixels on a screen.

4. The most beautiful version of you is yourself.

Don't try to be someone you're not. You are as authentic as it can get, so be proud of who you are and flaunt it.

5. 99.99% of the time, slow and steady wins the race.

We are all good at being the rabbits, but it's time we learned to be the turtle.

6. Mother knows best!

No doubt, the best lessons come from our mamas. (Even if we refused to believe her in middle school, she's been right all along.)

7. Dream HUGE

Life is way too short to be mediocre. Take risks, live wildly and never hold back.

8. Music concerts are meant to happen in your shower

Obviously, you would be headlining, and there might not be a crowd, but you should still be loud enough to the point that the neighbors have to come over to check out the noise.

9. You can still be your daddy's little girl when you're 19.

Oh, heck ya, you can be!

10. Never settle for anything in life.

Settling is lame. You deserve the best that life has to offer.

11. Be a balcony friend.

Always lift up others! People are attracted to light, so be a light to those around you.

12. If you find someone that makes your ribs hurt, hang on to them tightly.

I'm talking about the "good for your soul," tears-coming-down-your-face kind of laughter.

13. Don't forget to say "bless you" when someone sneezes.

Who knows what the people around you are going through, but just the words "bless you" can turn someone's day around.

14. Stick to your girl gang.

SISTAS FROM ANOTHA MISTA, amirite??? Your girlfriends are your best motivators, confidants, and lovers. They will turn any bad day into a bright one.

15. Don't spend all your allowance in the first three days of receiving it.

Okay, caught me red handed. Mom, I'm sorry that this happened not once, not twice, but every single month of college.

16. Dogs are the best listeners.

Sometimes you have to talk to someone, and the only one available is your dog. It's the best relationship because they will always agree with you.

17. Do it or don't do it, you'll regret either.

So, you might as well do it!

18. Drunken words are sober thoughts.


19. Everything happens for a reason.

The people in your life, the places you go, and the things that pull at your heart strings are all for a reason. Everything plays a part in your fantastic, messy, bold life. So roll with it and see where it takes you.