17 Phrases You Need To Know Before Visiting Massachusetts

For some unknown reason, the inhabitants of Massachusetts are known as "Massholes". I'm sure everyone knows the slang, especially since it was recently added to the Oxford English Dictionary. I think we can all come to the agreement that we go about things a little differently in Mass, and we definitely have our fair share of slang that people somehow can't wrap their head around. So, here is a list of phrases and slang words to help all of you out-of-staters.

1. Dunks

There may be a Dunks, next to a Dunks, next to a Mobile with a Dunks inside. It is technically our sixth food group. Make a Dunks run every morning, and save time by ordering a "regular".

More commonly known as: Dunkin Donuts

2. Regular

Also known as coffee with cream and two sugars

More commonly known as: black coffee

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3. Wicked

Another way to say amazing, or used as a modifier meaning “really”. No, I'm not a huge Tom Brady fan, I'm a WICKED big Tom Brady fan. Please use this term right; there are rules that come with using this word.

More commonly known as: Evil

4. The GOAT

Also known as Tom Brady. Every man and woman wants to marry him, end of discussion. If your husband doesn't choose Tom Brady as his man crush, divorce him.

More commonly known as: Patriots' quarterback

5. Bubbler

This is what we drink out of at school. When we think of a water fountain, we think of the decorative fountains found in gardens.

More commonly known as: "water fountain"

6. The Cape

It's just the "Cape" - short and sweet just like Bill Belichick during press conferences. Leave out the full name or you will be branded as a tourist.

More commonly known as: Cape Cod

7. Jimmies

This is crucial info for out-of-staters. If you ask for just plain "sprinkles", chances are they'll give you the rainbow kind.

More commonly known as: chocolate sprinkles

8. Billerica, Gloucester, Worcester, and Haverhill...

Massachusetts is known for its incredibly hard to pronounce town names. We are definitely going to laugh when you're asking for directions and completely butchering every single one.

9. Bang a U-ey

On the wrong side of the road? Oh, no problem. Just bang a U-ey!

More commonly known as: U-turn

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10. The Packie

This is our affectionate term for the package store.

More commonly known as: the liquor store

11. Clicker

I know you're sitting on the clicker, get up.

More commonly known as: the television remote controller

12. Blinkah

These are optional in Mass.

More commonly known as: the turn signal

13. A dusting

When you wake up to your yard completely covered and your car snowed in...

More commonly known as: somewhere around 6 inches of snow

14. An excuse to get drunk in the streets of Boston

A wonderful way to celebrate this great city's Irish heritage.

More commonly known as: St. Patrick's Day

15. Statie

"Slow down, Statie."

More commonly known as: a Massachusetts state trooper, or police officer

16. Patriots Day/Marathon Monday

An annual marathon hosted by several cities in greater Boston in eastern Massachusetts.

More commonly known as: the Boston Marathon

17. Boston Strong

A slogan that was created as part of the reaction to the Boston Marathon bombing in April 2013. We are always #BostonStrong.

Before you come visit, please ask yourself if you speak fluent Masshole.

Oh, and don't forget, the Yankees suck.

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