18 Weird Baseball Rules

18 Weird Baseball Rules

America's Pastime's a Weird Sport OK

1. You can spit anywhere, literally anywhere, except on the ball.

2. Baseball is played on grass and dirt, but if the ball get’s dirty they replace it with a new one. About 70 baseballs are used in a game. This is an unspoken rule, but proof that to become an umpire you have to be diagnosed with OCD.

3. Pitchers are aloud to use Rosin Bags, they help keep moisture off their hands and provide more traction and better grip on the ball. That being said, the umpire has the specific authority to instruct the pitcher to put the Rosin Bag in his pocket in the case of wet weather.

4. If the batter hits the catcher, it’s the catcher’s fault. Because, you know, he just head-butted that bat. Out of nowhere!

5. If the catcher doesn’t catch the ball the batter get’s a walk to first. I mean, it is their job... so.

6. There are Lots of weird pitcher rules. One is that they have to come to complete stand still before pitching to the batter.

7. Another strange pitcher rule. The pitcher can throw the ball to one of the bases if he thinks a runner is trying to steal a base. But he can't fake out the batter, he can't pretend to begin to throw the ball to first but then switch it up and throw to second last minute. Well, kind of, the actual phrasing, in the actual rulebook, it he cant switch it up after his body "has committed to the throw." When, exactly, the body commits to the throw is never really defined.

8. If the ball get’s stuck in the catcher’s mask the runners get to advance a base. Seriously though, they’ve broken tied games with this rule. This rule also applies to the umpire’s mask. The rule uses this wording: “lodges in the umpire’s or catcher’s mask or paraphernalia”. If you’re confused by the word paraphernalia here, you’re not alone.

9. Umpires can’t confer with players or spectators. They must get lonely sometimes, that's probably why they never smile.

10. A normal baseball game is 9 innings but if the score is tied at the end, they just have another inning, and another, and another, and another. Until the tie is broken. As a result the longest baseball game was in 1984. It was 8 hours and 25 minutes long and after 33 innings the Chicago White Sox beat the Milwaukee Brewers.

11. If a batter is walked while the bases are loaded then he get a RBI, “Run Batted In” because all the base runners advance a base, including the player on third. Even though the bat didn’t make any contact with the ball.

12. Players can only catch the ball with their hand, or their mitt. You can’t use your hat or your shirt or anything that’s not your bare hand or the mitt. If the ball is caught, or even touched intentionally, by a player with anything other than their bare hand or glove, on their hand, all runners, including the batter, get to advance three bases.

13. This ones a but complicated, so stay with me. If the batter has two strikes and a runner steals home, and the pitcher hits the runner in the strike zone the batter is out. The run does not count if there are two out. BUT if there are less than two outs, it does. Go figure.

14. If a fielder deflects a fair ball into the stands, it counts as a home run. Ok, making complete sense so far… wait there’s more. Unless the deflection somehow happens within 250 ft, or closer, to the home plate. Then all runners can only advance to bases. How they could ever find themselves in that position in the first place.... is up to your imagination.

15. There’s no rules about the size of the baseball field. Yes, the diamond part of the field has to comply with specific measurements. But the outfield part… not so much. When you think about it the size of the outfield really affects likelihood and amount of homers which can really affect the score. See here's a layered outline of some MLB fields.

16. If a baserunner passes another baserunner while running the bases, the one passed is automatically out. Even if there's a home run and they're all going to end up in the same place anyway.

17. The runner must touch all the bases in order. Ok, ok, this makes sense considering the fact that you have to be one the bag to be safe. But even if they hit a home run. Yeah, they're not doing a victory lap, they have to do that. Even if you fall mid-lap, like Cub's Kyle Schwarber here. You have to get up and continue but everyone will laugh at you, it's all part of the rules.

18. An infield fly is when a ball stays in the infield that isn't a bunt or line drive. If the umpire makes the judgment that an infielder, catcher, or pitcher could catch it with ordinary effort (whatever that means) the batter is out, even if no one caught it, even if they did catch it and then dropped it. The ball is still in play so any baserunners who began to advance can still continue and the normal rules apply to them.

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It's Tough To Be A White Sox Fan

It's been a decade since the White Sox last playoff appearance, here's why it has been hard on such a loyal fanbase.

I have been a White Sox fan forever. I’ve been to countless games and watched them on tv for a long time. But for nearly a decade, it has become harder and harder to watch my beloved team. The last playoff appearance for the White Sox was in 2008, in which they lost to the Tampa Bay Rays in 4 games. Their last World Series victory was in 2005. Chicago is a great sports town. And the Sox have been close to my heart since I started watching baseball. My loyalty as a Major League Baseball fan will always be to the White Sox.

That is why I hate to see my team lose a hundred games year after year. Every Opening Day I get my hopes up and I think this is where things start to pick up. But around this time of year I am brought back to Earth and the season already feels lost by early to mid-May. The White Sox are currently in last place in the AL Central.

I look around the rest of major league baseball and the last two World Series Champions were teams whose fans are in my position. The Cubs and Astros lost a lot of games in the years before they won it all. Sports Illustrated had an article in 2014 proclaiming the Astros would win the World Series in 2017. These multi-year processes that might become a trend in Major League Baseball is something I want to see in the South Side of Chicago.

If it can work for Houston and the Cubs, then it begs the question, how many years will it take for the White Sox to become a championship caliber team? I’ve heard from Cubs fans that it was worth the wait in 2016. Especially since their last world championship was in 1908. The White Sox drought has only been 13 years so far. I already long for the days of playoff baseball. It’s been a rough 10 years since the Sox were last in the playoffs.

Fans have become more and more frustrated. The team has been stuck in a rut. In the time since their last playoff appearance, 3 teams in their own division have made it to the World Series. The Tigers in 2012, the Indians in 2016, and the Royals in 2014 and 2015, winning it all in ’15. To say that I am jealous as a fan is an understatement. To see other teams in the division have major success can be frustrating to a fanbase, even the most loyal ones.

Changing the stadium name to Guaranteed Rate Field doesn’t help anyone. If you ask me, it is the worst stadium name among all 30 major league baseball teams. I still don’t understand the name change. It doesn’t flow well like Fenway Park, Yankee Stadium, and yes, even Wrigley Field. An old school name like Comiskey Park would be more appropriate for a city and a fanbase that is desperate for a winning team.

Now there is an upside. There are young players who can bring a winning style to the South Side. Jose Abreu has been a consistent hitter since he came into the majors. The one-two punch of shortstop Tim Anderson and second baseman Yoan Moncada make the infield dangerous. And designated hitter Matt Davidson is having one of his best years thus far in the majors. The bright spots give fans a glimmer of hope for the future of the team. I don’t plan on waiting 108 years before another World Series title. I hope the White Sox don’t plan on it either. In the years to come, I hope to see a winning baseball team on the South Side once again.

Cover Image Credit: Instagram

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