17 Things To Do For Yourself In 2017
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17 Things To Do For Yourself In 2017

Not your average new year's resolutions.

17 Things To Do For Yourself In 2017

New year’s resolutions can often fall flat, but if you focus on doing things for yourself and not the approval of others, you’re bound to have more success with them. 2016 had highs and lows and there’s no telling what 2017 will bring. To start your year off right, try doing these things.

1. Stop saying sorry and start say thank you.

Rather than saying I'm sorry I'm late, I'll say thank you for waiting for me. Instead of sorry I messed that up, say thank you for fixing that. Less negativity, more positive thinking!

2. Stop expending energy on people who don't want it.

2016 was the year of "can I get a text back?" If someone doesn't want your attention then simply don’t give it to them. Relationships, regardless of what kind they are, need to be two-sided. If you're the only one putting in work then realize you're probably the only one who is invested in it.

3. Stop saying can't.

You can do just about anything that you want, or at least you can try. Can't honestly means won't. Saying you can't do something means you are too afraid to push yourself to try.

4. Unplug.

Constantly being connected is really useful, especially in emergency situations. However, once in a while, you need to give your brain and your heart a break. Take some time for quiet reflection without checking your phone. That break will be much needed.

5. Invest.

Whether you invest money into something or time into something else, I encourage you to find something you care about and pour some of your heart, soul and resources into it. Having a passion and pursuing it is a wonderful thing.

6. Mend something.

Whether it be your ripped pocket on your winter jacket or your relationship with a former friend, fixing things feels good. Don't allow yourself to go through another year without healing something that you've had in the back of your mind for a while.

7. Eat and enjoy eating.

Crazy diet fads are unhealthy and lead to disappointment. Food is culture and it’s something to be enjoyed. Eat what you want, enjoy your life! If you’re trying to pursue a healthier way of eating then go for it, but make sure you’re enjoying what you’re putting into your body.

8. Read a book.

Perhaps it can be a textbook or some leisurely reading. Just read a book, it’s good for your mind.

9. Take a risk.

The worst thing that can happen is failure and can you really consider something a failure if you tried? I mean you’re better off trying and not being successful than not trying at all.

10. Be honest with yourself and others.

The only thing you have is your word. Once you’re caught in a lie, your word means nothing so focus on telling the truth this year. If you’re not okay, don’t say that you are. Be honest with yourself and with other people.

11. Be a better communicator.

Communication is the key to everything and it kind of goes hand-in-hand with the whole honesty thing. If you want something, say it. If you’re feeling insecure, talk about it. If your feelings for someone have changed admit it. No one is a mind-reader so being direct and honest about how you’re feeling will take a load of stress off of you this year.

12. Write!

Write a journal, write letters, write songs, write down a list, write your goals, write what makes you happy, write stories, write for Odyssey--whatever! Just write. It feels so good to get things down in words.

13. Expand your network.

Whether you meet more people professionally, or you make a new friend, building new connections is a great thing. Find a new buddy to binge-watch It’s Always Sunny with or make a new friend at work. Get excited about someone new!

14. Reconnect with someone.

Remember your best friend from elementary school? Why don’t you go see how he has been doing? Looking to the future is great, but don’t forget who has made up your past.

15. Go somewhere.

Plan an adventure whether it be near or far and get excited about it. Plan a day trip to a local park to go hiking with your friends in the spring, or plan an amazing Hawaiian holiday for winter break. Plan something and get excited about it, it’s good to have things to look forward to.

16. Let go.

Let go of the negativity in your life. You really don't need the "friend" who doesn't believe in your or that guy who likes to play mind games with you. You are worth so much more than that. God loves you, so let go of the negativity and surrender yourself to the Lord.

17. Remember that with this new year comes 365 new opportunities.

Not every day is going to be a great day, and that’s okay! Remember that when you wake up every morning you get to decide what the day will be, so keep your head up, focus on the good and live the life you want this year.
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