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    I'm a spunky, upbeat, varsity athlete at American University and in my free time I love conquering my bucket list. Ask me about it sometime, it's pretty…eclectic. My life goal is to become President of the International Olympic Committee and to continue my 127 game win streak of Battleship.

    Over the last few years, especially since entering college, I've learned a lot of life lessons. I guess you could say that that's the whole point of going away and "growing up" but I've had more life experience than Britney did leading up to her 2007 meltdown. Exaggeration? Maybe. Anyway, from battling heart disease to falling in and out of love with my major, my ex-boyfriend and myself I've picked up a few tricks, tips and lessons that I'd love to write about and share with others who need to know that they aren't alone in the crazy world that is college and being a 20 something.

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