Growing up, both of my parents were in the medical field. I grew up in a home brimming with medical knowledge and not having to go to the doctor at every cough because they knew exactly what to do. Looking back on my childhood and even the present, I laugh at all the things I learned growing up in a medical-minded home.

1. Just take some Advil, you'll be okay.

2. The phrase "Just put some ice one it" applies to most everything.

3. But when something is actually wrong, your parents can sometimes freak you out with all their information.

4. You never have to wonder which medicines go with what.

5. They can get angry about the "unclean" things you do.

6. You can diagnosis your friends perfectly because you're so used to your parents doing it.

7. You call your parents before you call the doctor.

8. Following in your parents' footsteps makes you the chosen child.

9. If you so happen to follow in their footsteps, you can't complain about school because they have been there and done that.

10. You realize how unimportant phone calls are when your parents are at work/on call because they won't answer anyway.

11. Bring Your Kid To Work Day was always pretty cool.

12. You always have the best hospital staff when you have surgery or just a simple doctor's appointment.

13. You could NEVER fake being sick.

14. Medical stories on Facebook don't even phase you because the stories you hear at home are ten times more interesting.

15. You grew up writing with all sorts of pharmaceutical pens and other random trinkets.

16. You are always used to the random texts about washing your hands because the flu is going around or the stomach bug.

17. You always loved telling your friends what your parents did because it makes you happy knowing how selfless they are by helping save lives every day.