Let's just admit it, we all phone in our parents when we forget how to adult. And let's face it...moms always know what to do. Here's an ode to you, Mom, for always answering.

1. Hey I know I don't live with you anymore, but have you seen my leggings?

"Oh the navy blue ones? Yeah, they're in your bathroom."

Thanks, Mom!

2. You will NEVER believe what happened today...

Your mom knows all the drama. All you have to do is say your friend's name and she already knows what's up. Be ready to take her advice, somehow moms always know which friends won't last.

3. Does this shirt match with light wash jeans?

As long as you're wearing a coat, she doesn't care.

Is this considered a light or a dark?

What?! You just want to make sure.

5. Do you know where my birth certificate is?

6. Is it okay to use Windex on the kitchen table?

7. How long do you cook chicken for?

You'd rather have her cooking anyways.

8. Do I have any allergies I don't know about?

9. When did you know you wanted to have kids?

10. Remember when I was little and threw a tantrum in the Target parking lot?

Sorry about that.

11. I just watched "Brave" and I'm really sorry that I said I hated you in 6th grade.

12. Can you pick me up this weekend?

13. Can I microwave this?

14. I had a terrible day...

She'll hear all about how you didn't study and then failed the exam and not make you feel terrible about it.

15. Why did I wake up with this rash on my face?

16. Do we have a history of diabetes in our family?

Setting: At the doctor trying to fill out your own documents.

17. Why are groceries so expensive?!

Now you understand why she always made you put the cookies back in the grocery store.

18. What's the Netflix password again?

19. Can I live with you if my life turning upside down and I fail out of college?

20. How is everyone doing?

You really miss your family sometimes.

21. I miss you.

Love you, Mom, talk to you tomorrow.