Too much of anything can be a bad thing - it doesn’t matter if it’s too much work or too much play. So here’s a list for both the overworked and the underwhelmed: think of it as a self-care guide to a balanced life. It doesn’t matter if you need to de-stress or add some edge, this list will help you.

1. Schedule ten minutes of “me time” each day.

It doesn’t have to be the same time every day, but make sure that you take at least ten minutes for yourself each day.

2. Listen to your favorite music.

In the shower, during your morning commute, even while you’re working, if you can.

3. Light candles when you get home after work or class.

Lavender and eucalyptus candles are known to be especially good for stress relief.

4. Take a long, hot shower.

Trust me, it washes everything away.

5. Binge watch your favorite tv show on the weekend.

Grab a blanket, your go-to-snack, and hit play. Give in. You'll be so glad you did.

6. If you haven't already got a planner, GET ONE.

Keeping your life organized is only going to help you eliminate chaos. try out passion planners.

7. Exercise.

But exercise however you want to exercise, no matter what that means; whether it’s a power lifting session at the gym, a run in the park, a hike, a walk on the beach, a yoga class - do the type of exercise that makes you happy.

8. Dance it out.

There's a reason Meredith Grey and Christina Yang do it.

9. Make a "to-do" list.

That way you won't forget anything, and it'll help eliminate last-minute panic from your life.

10. Plan a trip just for you.

Not a work trip, not a family trip to Disney Land to please your kids, a trip for you. Where do you want to go? Go there. Find a way to make time. Whether it’s a weekend, a whole week, or a whole month.

11. Write a list.

Of everything that you are passionate about, and that inspires you. Make sure at least a few of those things are incorporated into your life somehow.

12. Cuddle a furry animal.

Seriously. Do it. Find one and thank me later.

13. Turn off social media, turn off the news, and actually pay attention to the world and people around you.

Be present in your own life.

14. Spend time in nature.

Life can really feel like it’s getting away from you sometimes. But going for a hike or even just a walk through the park can really help you take a step back from the chaos of daily life and clear your head. It can have a revitalizing affect.

15. Meditate.

Another great way to slow things down and clear your head, whether you do it for an hour or ten minutes.

16. Count your blessings.

Be mindful and appreciative of everything that is good in your life. Write a list of everything and everyone that you're thankful for. Anytime you're feeling down in the dumps, go over this list, and even try to think up new things to add to it. It will help lift you up when you are down.