We all change as we go through life, that is an expected part of life. However, in most cases, the "growth" that we all expect means "growing up". Most people think that in order to grow up, to be an adult, that you have to stop being fun. Not me, though, I've learned that the best way to take on adulthood is by doing nothing but having fun. That, my friends is why I work with children - they change you.

1. You learn to let things go.

2. You learn to laugh it all off.

3. You learn to dance like no one is watching you.

4. You learn to sing at the top of your lungs, even when you can't hit that high note.

5. You learn that it's okay to cry.

6. You learn that no amount of money can really buy happiness.

7. You learn that getting messy brings on the best masterpieces.

8. You learn how to channel your inner patience.

9. You learn that everyone has a bad day.

10. You learn that a nap can change your outlook on life.

11. You learn that, sometimes, you're the only smiling face a child sees.

12. You learn to be someone that a child can rely on.

13. You learn the importance of "I Love You's".

14. You learn that a tight hug can heal a wound.

15. You learn to love unconditionally.

Children are amazing creatures, they really are. They are the most honest, creative, life-loving individuals that anyone will ever find on Earth. There are no fears when you're young. There are no grudges. There's just fun, loving, and bliss. Working with children has changed me, and if you work with kids and don't feel the same... then you just might be in the wrong career field.