15 Of The Most WTF Am I Doing With My Life Dating Sims

15 Of The Most WTF Am I Doing With My Life Dating Sims

Have you ever wanted to date a famous person? What about an animal, food or object? Click this link for those games and much more!

For those who don't know, dating sims are relationship simulation games. Generally, your objective is to talk to a character so that you can get to know them, romance them and eventually date them. There is also normally multiple characters to pick from, attraction/love meters, and time limits such as ___ amount of days/weeks to get a date. Some dating sims even have a money/job system so that you can give your dates gifts. Traditionally the setting for many of these games are high school but some take on a more fantasy focus and over time, these games have branched out quite a bit. There is quite a lot of imagination put in some of these games. So much imagination in fact that the game may take place in an alternate world or don't even have humans as the one you are trying to romance. The dating sim might have aliens, vampires, werewolves, animals, food, objects, or other options instead of humans. Heck, you might not even be a human main character either.

Anyways if you would like some unique dating sims to play, you have come to the right place.

1. Bird Dating Sims

Hatoful Boyfriend is a dating sim where you playas a female human teenager who goes to St. PigeoNation's Institute; an elite school for birds. Your love choices are; Ryouta Kawara (Rock Dove) who has been your friend since childhood, Sakuya Le Bel Shirogane (Fantail pigeon) the French aristocrat, Sakuya's older half-brother Yuuya Sakazaki (Fantail Pigeon), the quiet and nerdy Nageki Fujishiro (Mourning dove), The pudding loving athletic San Oko (Fantail Pigeon), Roleplaying fan Anghel Higure (Luzon bleeding heart), the homeroom teacher Kazuaki Nanaki (Button Quail), And Shuu Iwamine (Chukar partridge) the creepy anti social school doctor. If Eight bird suitors is not enough for you, one more dateable characters were added into the 2014 game remake; the takoyaki saleswoman Azami Koshiba (Java Sparrow). To add to the odd feeling some of you might be feeling, the game takes place in the year 2188 and you live in a cave... However, If you do like this game, a sequel was made in 2015. The Sequel is called Hatoful Boyfriend: Holiday Star and is available on Stream.

In Gunt Company is another indie made bird dating game. In this game you control a pet cockatiel named Gunter. With your help, Gunter can romance inanimate objects and other birds. If you would like to try this game, its available for Windows and Mac.

Hatoful Boyfriend

Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star

In Gunt Company

2. Dog Dating Sims

Hot Date is is an indie made dating sim in which you speed date pug dogs. To play, You pick from at catalog of questions in hopes to romance the dogs. Sadly, each of the dogs look oddly the same. I'm not being speciesist, its literally the same model each time except with a different name and a slightly different personality. I don't have much more to say about this one, except, that if you want to play, its available from Windows, Mac and Linux.

If you prefer other breeds of dogs, maybe I Ruff You is the better choice for you. In this cute game, you are a dog enjoying their time at the dog park. Also at the park is a Corgi, Chihuahua, Scottish Terrier and a Squirrel who you can talk to and romance.

Hot Date

I Ruff You

3. Dinosaur Dating sims

Jurassic Heart is a very short dating sim in which you, a human, romance a ukulele playing Tyrannosaurus Rex named Taira. If I said anymore, I would ruin the story.

In Dino Dearest you are a new student at Cretaceous College, a school full of dinosaurs. On the first day you meet Persephone a dino substitute teacher, a jock megalodon named Mikey, Duke the music loving brontosaurus, a stoner pterodactyl named Stilts, and Spike the punk spinosaurus . One of the best things about this game is the jokes. It doesn't take it's self very seriously which makes the game all the more amusing and fun to play.

Jurassic Heart

Dino Dearest

4. Dragon Dating Sim

In the world of "Angels With Scaly Wings" a mysterious portal is discovered that leads a world of Dragons. You are sent over as an ambassador for Earth so that we can learn more about this world. However, your colleague is acting weird. He seems to know more than what he lets on. Its up to you and the friends you make to uncover the conspiracy that is threatening the newly discovered dragon world and in the process you may even find love. There are four main love interests; Remy the smart scholar who works at the Ministry of culture & arts, Adine the waitress with big dreams, chief of police Bryce, and the scientifically successful Anna.

Angels with Scaly Wings

5. Horse Dating Sim

In "A Stable Relationship" you are a new student attending Platinum Stables; a school full of horses, silliness, cheesy puns, and neighs.

My Horse Prince is a odd dating sim not because you have affections for a horse but because he is a horse with a human's face. You are a Japanese anime girl who can't find love so you decided to visit the country. While at a farm, a horse with a guy head approaches you and you quickly fall for him. Sadly the farmer is planning to put him down so you buy him from the farmer. Interacting with the horse guy, feeding him, and training him will raise raise up his love meter's level. And I don't know much more than that. You can download it from the google play store and from Itunes to play on your smart phones.

A Stable Relationship

My Horse Prince for Iphone/Ipad

My Horse Prince for android

6. Nicolas Cage Dating Sims

I'm 95% sure that these were just made as jokes, but there is at least three of these that I know of; "Caging Me Softly", "Cage Of My Heart: A Nic Cage Dating Sim", and "Nicolas Cage Dating Sim".

I could sadly only find a download link to two of these games. To get "Cage Of My Heart: A Nic Cage Dating Sim" you used to have to request it from a facebook page but that page no longer exists. So, if you don't have the game and don't know anyone who has the game, you are out of luck. Sorry.

Caging Me Softly

Nicolas Cage Dating Sim

7. Adam Sandler Dating Sim

You play as a new student and meet Adam Sandler Rob Schneider, and David Spade on your first day of school. Through out the day, Adam and David do not get along and depending on how you play you could end up with David Spade of Adam Sandler. Its just a very short game that doesn't take its self seriously.

Adam Sandler Dating Sim

8. Food Dating sims

Chop Chop Fruit Salad Mystery Jam Donki Donki Dating Sim Thingy also known as fruitism is a murder mystery and dating sim combo where as and apple who goes to a school for fruits. There is a dangerous murderer on the lose called The Chopper and it is up to you to figure out the mystery. Along the way you can romance and have sex with the other fruit students. This game can be played on windows, mac and linux.

If one Food dating sim isn't enough for you, fear not! In Snow Cones you are a blue snow cone who is dating a red/pink snow cone. There is very little text involved in the gameplay of this game so it can easily be enjoyed by a wide variety of people from different language backgrounds.

And if you loved these, there is even more! You are moving to a new apartment in a new unfamiliar town. Everything is happening and changing so quickly in your life. While out in the new town you meet various food people. There is a rich and picky/spoiled French Fries, ice cream with an ice cold heart, flirty Cupcake, a hamburger that is serious about the welfare of animals, an artistic and shy candy, and your pizza friend from childhood who you haven't seen in years. Strangely, I found this game both funny and entertaining to play. Sadly its only a demo and I believe the only ending you can currently get is a picture of a dog. But its a cute dog so I guess its not a complete disappointment.

Its currently no where near Thanksgiving, but if you like Thanksgiving food or Thanksgiving is your favorite holiday or you need something to distract you from your loneliness and entertain you, this could be the game for you. In Thanksgiving Of Love you wonder around your kitchen and chat up three different Thanksgiving related foods; Turkey, Mashed Potatoes and pumpkin pie. After you befriend a food, it transforms into an anime person. After you get max love with a food, you are allowed to eat that food for Thanksgiving.

Chop Chop Fruit Salad Mystery Jam Donki Donki Dating Sim Thingy

Snow Cones

Food Court

Thanksgiving Of Love

9. Cat Presidential Election Dating Sim

In cat president: a more purrfect union, you are a teen girl looking for a job after your life dreams did not work out. While backstage at a national debate you find a bunch of cats who are running for president and they all want you to be their campaign manager. It is now up to you to help your cat candidate get elected and along the way you might even find love. There are 6 candidates to pick from; DJ Nibbles the energetic kitten, the successful Dr Nom Noms, the ever flirty Frisky, Kale the under dog, Rover who is actually a dog..., and the very angry Thunderpaw. You can play this "feline good game of the year" on both mac and windows.

Cat President: a more Purrfect union

10. Alpaca Transformation Dating Sim

Normal high school student, Saeki Kazuma, has a good life full of friends and is in a great loving relationship. However, after a fun day at the Alpaca Kingdom, Saeki wakes up to find that his girlfriend Izumi Yukari has been transformed into an alpaca. Now Kazuma must learn how to love his girlfriend in her new form.

Paca Plus

11. Wrestling Dating sims

In the game John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure, you play a new student who attends a school that is full of John Cenas. The popular students, the nerds, the mean kids, the teachers, security guards are all John Cena as is everyone else in the surrounding area. If you find your self enjoying this game a lot, there is also a sequel that you can play which involves time travel and saving the Cenas.

Would you rather be a WWE Manager than go to high school and date Cenas? In Payback 2015, you are a new manager who gets transferred over to the WWE. Your temporary boss, Triple H, assigns you to over view the Fatal Fourway at the pay per view this weekend. In this game you can choose between Seth Rollins, Randy Orton, Dean Ambrose, and Roman Reigns and depending on how you play there is 16 different ending that you can end up with.

Do you like Wrestling and character customization? In Wrestling with emotions, you create your own wrestler who then goes out to a wrestler only speed dating event. There 400 different ways that you can make your character look and 8 different guys you can choose from to further date.

John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure

John Cena's Sexy High School Adventure 2

Payback 2015: A WWE Dating Sim

Wresting With Emotions

12. Donald Trump Dating Sims

The Donald Trump Dating Simulation From Hell is a game where you have to interview Donald Trump. Depending on how you do you may find love or get fired.

There is another one simply called Donald Trump Dating Sim. In this one you are in the audience of one of Donald Trump's campaign speeches and you get approached by Trump after his speech. All the endings to this short game are pretty bizarre.

Warning: Both of these games have loud music. If You plan to play these games at school or work, put in some ear buds or mute your devices before clicking on these links. Also these games are silly parodies. Don't take them too seriously.

Donald Trump Dating Simulation From Hell

Donald Trump Dating Sim

13. Bernie Sanders Dating Sim

As a young adult feeling sad/worried for the current state of America and its future, only one man seems to actually care about making the world a better place for its citizens and that man's name is Bernie Sanders. He has big plans for a political revolution and lucky for us, he is running for president of the United States. So by chance, you and Bernie have an unlikely meeting and he invites you to meet in various important places in DC to talk about ideas on how to make the USA better and share personal feelings about the issues currently happening in the world. A neat thing about this game is that the creator has included actual quotes from Bernie himself which gives this game a more personal touch. While we all know that Bernie was not elected President this time around, if you are a fan of his and what to look back to a time where there was still a little hope, this game could be for you.

Warning: This game has loud music. If You plan to play this game at school or work, put in some ear buds or mute your devices before clicking on this link. Also this game is just a silly parody. Don't take it too seriously.

Bernie Sanders Dating Sim

14. A Square Dating Sim

You attend square college and romance squares. What more can I say?

Don't Be A Square!

15. Cardboard Box Dating Sim

Despite his monstrous personality, Carl the cardboard box has decided to try speed dating. However, he needs your help picking the right one for him.

Oh! You Monster!

Cover Image Credit: itch.io

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A list of low-stress, interesting, and addictive casual games for PC.

As someone who plays most games casually, sometimes I want to play one that isn't competitive or demanding. Here is a list of some of the games I've played just to de-stress and be immersed in a story. These are all available on Steam and don't demand any sort of expensive gaming computer, making them easily accessible to most potential players.


Compatible with: Windows

Hard drive space required: 6GB

Playing this game, I felt immersed in an ancient and mysterious ocean world complete with its own ecosystems and species. From the relaxing atmosphere to the storyline, it becomes obvious that this game was made out of love for our own earth's oceans. ABZU is easily the most interesting and beautiful game I've played lately.

2. The Stanley Parable

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

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The Stanley Parable is reminiscent of the choose-your-own-ending genre of books that were once popular, except it has sixteen endings. You play as Stanley, an office worker whose sole job is to input numbers into a computer. Except for one day, you go to the office and no one is there. This is a game about choices that quickly turns into one of paradoxical meaning. It is both entertaining and thought-provoking, and it will always be in my top favorite games.

3. Fran Bow

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

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Fran Bow is certainly a game for those who like the works of Tim Burton, Lewis Carroll, or anything else creepy, strange, and wonderful. As a classic point-and-click style game, it requires puzzle-solving in order to progress through the story. After witnessing the loss of both her parents, Fran Bow escapes to the woods by her house with her pet cat, Mr. Midnight.

She is soon found and taken to Oswald Asylum, a mental institution for children. It's definitely only for those who enjoy horror and a little dark humor, but I still count it as one of my favorite games for its art style and fascinating storyline.

4. Stardew Valley

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

Hard drive space required: 2GB

Stardew Valley is a farming simulator in the 2D pixelated style of the early handheld games like Harvest Moon. This project was developed over four years by one programmer and quickly became one of the most successful indie games on release. At the beginning of the game, your dying grandfather gives you (your character) a deed to his farm and after years of working in a blue-collar industry, you abandon the modern working world for the call of a rural life in the small town of Stardew Valley.

I'm fairly certain that many people have had the passing fantasy of leaving town and living on a farm or in the woods; this is just the simulation to indulge such a fantasy. I have poured almost 100 hours into this game, and only now do I feel as if I've almost played the content out of it.

5. Scribblenauts Unlimited

Compatible with: Windows

Hard drive space required: 2GB

Armed with a magical notepad that can summon any object you wish, you progress through the game's levels by solving puzzles. It challenges its players to think creatively and uniquely. I enjoy playing this when I'm in the mood for something light-hearted and silly.

6. Broken Age

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

Hard drive space required: 2.5GB

Broken Age is a point-and-click adventure game focused on two teenagers and their vastly different lives set in the same universe. Vella Tartine is chosen as a sacrifice to the monster Mog Chathra to save her village; Shay Volta is alone and being raised on a spaceship by an intelligent entity called "Mom."

The main unique point of this game lies in the freely alternating narratives that sometimes function as a way of solving the puzzles. This game's art style and story are both incredibly delightful, and I believe it certainly earned its title as one of the best indie games.

7. Slime Rancher

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

Hard drive space required: 1GB

Slime Rancher is one of my favorite casual games, to the point of ridiculousness. In this game, you play as rancher Beatrice LeBeau on an alien planet populated by adorable gelatinous slimes of various types. Your sole job is to round up slimes, feed them food, and collect their "plorts" which can be exchanged for money. There are few games as pure and wholesome as this one. This game might be cutesy and childlike, but it's for literally everyone.

8. The Novelist

Compatible with: Windows/Mac

Hard drive space required: 800MB

The Novelist is a speculative choice-based game focusing on a writer who struggles to write the most important book of his career and still keep a good relationship with his wife and children. It's one of those games which teach you both about the characters and about yourself through the choices you make. I've played it through in one three-hour sitting and enjoyed it more than I probably will enjoy any movie.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash.com

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Robot Caregivers Are Bringing Science Fiction To Life

This all began with Dr. Cynthia Breazeal's pioneering work at MIT in the 1990s.

As technology becomes increasingly inextricable from our everyday lives, it's interesting to consider how the rise of robotics will play into the future of humanity. The Internet of Things is upon us, smart devices abound, and smart homes are becoming more and more common. I wonder if the same can be said for caring for humans--smart care? How will humans interact with robots in various scenarios, particularly if robots take on the roles of caregivers?

The scenario of a robot caregiver becoming an inextricable force in a human's life has already been explored in science fiction, such as in Nanny, by Philip K. Dick, or in Robbie, by Isaac Asimov. Although the robot nannies in these scenarios care for children instead of elderly adults, the consequences on society and people's interactions might be affected in the same way--not for the better. However, implementing robot caregiver programs that are closely monitored and well organized could certainly be beneficial to elderly people and their families.

While having a mechanical assistant would undoubtedly provide efficient assistance or crucial services (for example, the lack of widespread access to daycare in Japan could ostensibly be solved by robots, according to NPR) that even the most competent of humans could not always manage, too much of a good thing can be bad, and it is wise to proceed with caution. The Frankenstein Complex comes to mind as the backbone of theories dealing with humans wondering if their creations can overpower them.

Even though we now generally embrace technology, especially younger people, the rise of artificial intelligence may lead to the potential risk of the robots and computers realizing that they are destined for more than service. Stephen Hawking wrote that “Success in creating artificial intelligence would be the biggest event in human history, unfortunately, it might also be the last...” Take the somewhat recent example of chatbots at the Facebook AI Research Lab (FAIR). Engineers had to shut them down when they found that the chatbots had created their own language, which humans couldn't understand!

In the June 2014 issue of WIRED magazine, an interesting article by Emily Anthes presented a bunch of useful data on how humans perceive robots. It seems human elements are key in the acceptance and implementation of robots, (such as respect). Most Americans say that they wouldn’t feel comfortable riding in an automated vehicle, for example, because it essentially feels as if you are at the mercy of a machine. A quote from the article reads, “When robots do things we don’t understand, like sensing objects we can’t or following rules we don’t know, we tend to lose confidence and wrest control away from them - even when the robots are right.”

Holly Yanco, a roboticist at the University of Massachusetts Lowell whose work with colleagues at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh was discussed in the article, provided an interesting scenario in an experiment that cast a harsh light on how brightly the human condition shines through in dealing with robots in our everyday life: she programmed a robot to make mistakes and alert a human user when it was doing so. It turns out we humans interpreted that as humility and thought more highly of the robot and were willing to work with it more.

Another quote from the same article reads “We thought there was a chance that the robots saying ‘I’m not doing so well’ would lead people less,” says Aaron Steinfeld, an engineer at Carnegie Mellon. "It had the exact opposite reaction. The machine’s self-effacing play-by-play kept trust levels high.”

This all began with Dr. Cynthia Breazeal's pioneering work at MIT in the 1990s. She began by developing "Kismet", a robotic head that simulates emotion through various mechanisms, and thus founded the field of Human Robot Interaction (HRI), heralding a new era of robotic information.

More recently, WIRED magazine published an extremely interesting piece titled "Love in the time of Robots." It explores the work of Dr. Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University, who works on developing androids and studying their interactions with humans. His findings--some of the most interesting ones being accidental when he observed his students' interaction with his androids--are interesting because they seem to point to how aware we are of being human when in the presence of something decidedly non-human.

Human beings form emotional bonds fairly quickly (even with nonhumans - read "Love in the time of robots" to hear how humans apparently project emotions onto literally anything, including a piece of balsa wood), and being aware of those tangible factors is as important as the technology that enables androids to form expressions and hold conversations.

So it seems that as robots nestle themselves deeper within the rhythms of our everyday lives, we have to not only accept and understand their strengths, but their weaknesses, and our weaknesses with respect to them, in order to work with them in the most productive manner. As long as we are cognizant of this, I think robots can certainly be used to care for humans in a variety of roles, ranging from assistive technology to emotional companions.

Heading back to the science fiction drawing room for a moment, consider the dichotomy between the stories of H.G. Wells and Jules Verne, the fathers of science fiction (Mary Shelley, of course, is not only the grandmother of science fiction but also the queen. SLAY). While Jules Verne embarked upon flights of fancy and kindled the delight of the general public with his wildly enthusiastic cheerleading of science regardless of the consequences, H.G Wells kept his head and his sense of what is right and what is downright wrong with him even as he had his stories embark on paths never traveled on before.

Being an H.G Wells instead of a Jules Verne is the best thing to do in this scenario, as the distance between robots and humans get smaller and smaller. Embark on the fascinating, useful, helpful, beautiful path of scientific progress and discovery, but carefully, and armed with the proper knowledge. In order to let robot caregivers do their jobs, we need to create concrete programs and plans, carefully monitor the role and effect of artificial intelligence in laboratory conditions before an extensive testing process in the real world, and above all, maintain a balance between analog and digital.

Cover Image Credit: https://news.cnrs.fr/articles/the-challenges-of-social-robotics

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