We all have a first kiss. It may be in high school, it may be in middle school, or it may be in adulthood. My first kiss was mediocre at best and the product of an IOU, so admittedly not magical. I was writing a piece for literary magazine about kissing (I'm a hopeless romantic; what can I say), and it occurred to me to ask my friend Cayla about her first kiss. Then it turned into a class poll. The youngest age was 10 and the oldest was 18, and there were broad locations in which they had taken place. Here I rank from 1 to 14 the best and worst places to have your first kiss.

1. On a cruise ship in the middle of the Pacific Ocean at 10 o'clock with the stars shining everywhere - male, 18

This one was decidedly the best and most romantic; it is also the most detailed. Who could resist a kiss under the stars- not I!

2. In the middle of the hallway on my way to class - female, 18

This one at least sounds like something out of a movie: boy swoops in to steal a kiss on the way to class. It's mildly romantic! Warning- it gets weirder from here.

3. In the basement during a good ol' fashioned game of spin the bottle - female, 33

This one is just such a classic. I think most of the people born from the 60's to the late 80's had their first kiss this way, and personally, I think it's super fun and retro. A lot of people in my generation will probably never get to say this!

4. In the lobby of our local movie theater - male, 17

This one is a bit cliché and a little too public for me.

5. Outside the portables on the way to Spanish class - me

Yes, this was my IOU kiss. He owed me for a piece of gum, and I decided that my payment would be a kiss. The worst part is that it was just last year.

6. Near the bus lanes in the 8th grade - male, 18

This was my boyfriend. Apparently he was very "smooth" in 8th grade (his words, not mine).

7. On a bus in 7th grade on the way back from a chorus competition - female , 17

This one was rather interesting. I don't think I would have appreciated getting kissed on the bus in front of my teachers and friends, but apparently no one saw, so it's not the most romantic but also not the least romantic.

8. Pre-band concert in the instrument room, trombone was my life - female, 17

This one is tame, but in the instrument room? Were you holding your trombone too? That could have been awkward.

9. In a theater during the credits of "The Hobbit" - male, 17

This one is so funny to me. First of all, he took her to see The Hobbit, of all movies, for a date, and she still kissed him during the credits! Nerd love at its best- she's a keeper.

10. After watching "Star Wars" and two seconds later his grandma walked in - female, 16

Another jewel, but it's a good thing his grandma didn't walk in any earlier!

11. Sophomore year, in a playhouse in my friend's backyard - male, 17

I HAVE SO MANY QUESTIONS. Why were you in a playhouse? Why did your friend still have a playhouse your sophomore year? What were you doing at your friend's house to require you to be in a playhouse? WHY WERE YOU IN A PLAYHOUSE?!

12. The same summer camp I got kicked out of two years later - male, 17

This one is pretty scandalous, mostly because you have to do something pretty bad to get kicked out of summer camp and not because your first kiss was there.

13. In the back of the orchestra room with everyone watching, AND he missed my mouth - female, 17

This is so awkward; he missed your mouth?! That's pretty embarrassing, but they did end up dating for 2 years afterwards, so happy ending, I guess?

14. In my dreams - very sad high school senior

When he said this to me I laughed, but I felt so bad. He was definitely being funny about it, but your time will come, buddy!