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Most Romantic Getaways For Couples In 2022

Pandemic's over so lets go places

Romantic Getaways For Couples

It’s been a tumultuous year for journeys, however, the desirable information is that 2022 is shaping as much as one of the most important years for journeys—each home and international. This is especially actual for the honeymooning set, as endless couples needed to delay their honeymoon because of the pandemic at the side of some the couples who’ve been ready to start their making plans altogether till journey regulations had been with inside the rear-view window.

While there are nevertheless lots of locations that can be off-limits because of surges in contamination charges, there also are a bevy of hotspot honeymoon locations that can be open for the journey.

For a few locations, evidence of vaccination is needed and for different locations, it can simply be assessments taken inside a positive quantity of time earlier than arrival,” explains Stephanie Goldberg-Glazer, proprietor of a full-carrier journey agency, Live Well, Travel Often.

It is pleasant to test and recheck the necessities numerous instances earlier than traveling because the regulations alternate all of the time. Plenty of pinnacle honeymoon locations have stayed equal via the decades, whilst different once-now no longer-coveted places have ended up ultra-modern via the years—especially in mild the pandemic.

The Amalfi Coast, the Greek islands, Tahiti, Hawaii, the Maldives, and all-inclusive hotels inside the Caribbean are steadfast in honeymoon requests—and I doubt a good way to ever alternate,” says Jennifer Jacob, CEO and founding father of Exploration Travel, LLC. “When it involves the most important alternate in our making plans, it's miles that we contain greater personal excursions instead of institution outings.

Whether you’re in the midst of making plans for your upcoming journey, right here are the honeymoon locations for 2022 that journey sellers say is the maximum in demand with places to stay.


Honeymooning with inside the romantic, tale-as-old-as-time U. S. of Italy in no way is going out of style. It’s as famous as ever, however, journey sellers are noticing that site visitors to this honeymoon vacation spot in 2022 are doing matters differently.

First and foremost, they’re selecting to journey at some point in the off months (April, May, September, and October) to keep away from big crowds and sky-excessive prices. “Food and wine are the cornerstone of any desirable Italian journey, that are additional insights into the nearby culture,” stocks Jennifer Polito Weigand, of Travel Reimagined, an unbiased associate of McCabe World Travel.

One of her favorite residences in Tuscany is Il Borro, a twelfth-century medieval village that become bought with the aid of using the Ferragamo's own circle of relatives withinside the 90s and restored to be each a motel and a running farm and artisan village.

For first-timers and those who need greater metropolis reports, Rome, Florence, and Venice are constantly famous locations. Goldberg Glazer recommends sorting out the excellent Rocco Forte de l. a. Ville in Rome, The Place, a lovely boutique belonging withinside the coronary heart of Florence, and the Bauer Palazzo at the Grand Canal in Venice. For the ones who have been to Italy earlier, she recommends greater vacation-centric Italian spots just like the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

Here, we've got finished numerous journeys wherein customers will live in Sorrento or Positano for some days—both the Grand Hotel Excelsior Vittoria in Sorrento or La Sirenuse in Positano—accompanied with the aid of using some nights in Capri at Tiberio Palace.


Greece is the number-one request for 2022 honeymooners with the aid of using a protracted shot, in keeping with Jacob. In fact, she notes that the 2021 income for Greece had been quadruple the ones of 2020.

Many Instagram feeds had been flooded with photographs of the Santorini caldera, developing an experience of wanderlust for the ones lower back at domestic.” With such a lot of islands to pick out from, every their personal set of lovely seashores, Michelin-big name eating places, and colorful social scenes, it’s difficult to move incorrect with a honeymoon to Greece.

For the ones searching out a greater upbeat and party-centric revel, bear in mind the island of Mykonos. For the ones searching out a greater enjoyable life, bear in mind Santorini. Gorgeous seashores are precise on any of the Greek islands.

Some favorite inns shared with the aid of using Allison Kobasky, co-proprietor of Over the Moon Vacations, a luxurious honeymoon-making plans agency consisting of Myconian Ambassador and Myconian Villa in Mykonos.


You can’t beat assure of pristine, sandy seashore-clad oceans coupled with luxurious overwater bungalows and lovely surroundings.

That’s only a glimpse of what you could count on from a honeymoon inside the Maldives, an island chain off the coast of southwest India inside the Laccadive Sea. “A journey to the Maldives is right for the ones searching out a laid lower back honeymoon revel in—taking in an excellent sundown from the porch of your personal villa form of journey,” says Teresa Belcher, journey agent and founding father of Honeymoon Islands, Inc.

From a personal fishing journey on a conventional dhoni to internationally famed scuba diving to a sundown sail, your honeymoon planner can create a custom itinerary that suits your interests.” For the ones trying to rejuvenate, Belcher says the Maldives is the region to move to.

She recommends staying at the Four Seasons Resort Maldives at Landaa Giraavaru. Hillary Katz, Luxury Travel Planner, Over the Moon Vacations, an associate of SmartFlyer loves the Six Senses & Soneva residences which provide customers a no-shoes, barefoot, and eco-luxurious revel in, or One&Only; Reethi Rah for present-day luxurious vibes. “These journeys contain sun, sand, and (many) beverages in hand! Some cool reports consist of personal boat excursions, personal seashore dinners, and greater,” she adds. Tulum With a smooth flight from maximum regions of the U.S., Tulum remains a famous vacation spot for honeymooners.

Crystal-clean seashores, soft, white sand, tropical cocktails, underwater snorkeling, and infinity swimming pools are simply a number of the hallmarks that honeymooners can count on from a journey to Tulum.

Popular honeymoon inns consist of Be Tulum Hotel, which capabilities pretty the spa revel in with a Yaän Healing Sanctuary, La Valise Tulum, which is old-fashioned and small but gives a saltwater infinity pool, and Azulik, wherein you could immerse yourself in a real tropical revel in one in all forty-eight villas (no strength or air-conditioning though!).

It’s really well worth noting, however, that the U.S. calls for that each vacationer coming lower back into u. s. Mexico offers evidence of a terrible COVID check taken within 24 hours of departure.


Another unfashionable tradition that in no way appears to exit of style, couples are nevertheless flocking to the Hawaiian Islands (similar to their dad and mom did!). “It is the sort of stunning vacation spot with inside the U.S. a number of couples discover consolation at some point of the uncertainty of COVID to journey with inside the states,” says Katz.

Hawaii is a wonderful alternative for adventure, hiking, snorkeling, and final relaxation.” With a lot to peer and such a lot of distinctive islands to journey to, Goldberg-Glazer loves to make this a multi-prevent journey.

On the Big Island, go to Volcanoes National Park, revel in big name gazing, or maybe zip lining,” she adds. South Africa Despite the primary findings of the Omicron version on this U. S., its miles is now an incredibly desirable country in phrases of contamination charges because the U.S. is now in the midst of the surge.

In fact, Katz notes that it's miles and absolutely a secure vacation spot no matter all of the media reviews approximately the detected version. “All customers which have long gone have stated that they felt more secure in South Africa than they have at domestic with inside the United States,” she says. “Food and drink are stellar in South Africa, carrier ranges and hospitality are via the roof and there's a large emphasis on excessive luxurious that you couldn’t pretty get everywhere else.”

You can count on adventure, excitement, wildlife, lovely surroundings, and colorful culture. “In South Africa, you could revel in it all—from warm air balloons over Kenya, safari drives at Kruger National Park, getting spritzed with the aid of using Victoria Falls, shark diving at Cape Point, tasting the pleasant South African wines with inside the Winelands, taking part in a small luxurious Nile Cruises and beyond,” says Belcher.

You’ll have seamlessly blended African luxurious and safari journey for the one's couples that need to revel in the comforts of domestic whilst experiencing the wilder aspect of Africa.” She recommends staying at Londolozi Game Reserve in Sabi-Sands of Kruger National Park and Ellerman House Cape Town in Cape Town. Antigua If you’re thinking about the Caribbean islands, make sure to take an excellent study in Antigua, which has been open for a journey because June 2020.

All vacationers over the age of 18 ought to gift evidence of vaccination at the side of a terrible PCR or Rapid Antigen Test.

This boutique, adults-only, all-inclusive inn tests a number of containers for honeymoon couples, and all the rooms are stand-on my own cottages,” she says. “Some of the cottages have their personal plunge swimming pools, however, there also are infinity swimming pools on the inn.”

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