Anyone who's known me for a short about of time can probably tell you that I LOVE SLOTHS! It's less of a love at this point and more of an obsession with the really slow creatures. In honor of October 20th being International Sloth Day here are a few really cute sloth GIFs and some fun facts.

1. My best friend is a sloth. Her name is Sarah.

2. I may or may not have a sloth hanging from my ceiling right now. Hint: I do.

3. Even cartoon sloths are adorable.

4. I love sloths.

5. Sloths make awesome memes.

6. Sloths also make awesome spirit animals.

7. Sloths can be sassy.

8. Sloths can also be sweet.

9. I never want to stop writing this article about Sloths.

10. This article about sloths is my pride and joy.

11. I own a pair of sloth socks. (Thanks Alexis!)

12. Sloths make me...I mean people, happy.

13. This is my favorite sloth GIF. Please don't tell the others.