I've played softball my whole life and always look forward to watching a game. Watching my sister play makes me miss the sport, but hearing her complain or seeing her get excited about somethings make me laugh because I used to say and think the same things. If you ever played softball, chances are these are somethings that you've most definitely encountered:

1. Tan lines of all sorts......Sock lines, jersey lines, one hand tanner than the other...

2. Praying a grounder doesn't take a bad hop and hit you

3. Trying to catch a fly ball with the sun directly in your eyes

4. When coach says "oh, you don't need your glove today"

5. That feeling when you get a new bat

6. When you have to play and it's a million degrees outside

7.Two words: Helmet. Hair.

8. When your cheering game is on point

9. Sunflower seeds.. "hey guys, where are my seeds?"

10. Getting new bows

11. Getting hit with a pitch and seeing the stitching of the ball

12. When you're not sure what to do when the season ends

13. Your team becomes your family