12 Things You'll Understand If Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

12 Things You'll Understand If Your Dog Is Your Best Friend

I still don't regret breaking up with that guy because he called you ugly.

Lindsay Bejcek

No matter how close you are with someone, how much you love someone, or how much you missed each other, no one will ever look at you the way your little furball does. Some of us are often seen as "going overboard" when it comes to our dog, but that's only because we realize how magical the bond between human and dog can be. They are truly is a reason dogs are known as "man's best friend."

1. Even if you're only gone 5 minutes, they will act like you had been gone 5 years.

The tail pops up, the ears perk up, endless jumping circles are made; total freakout mode has begun.

2. When a dog does something wrong, no matter how bad, they will instantly feel shame.

Whether it's eating a piece of lettuce or tearing up your favorite pair of shoes, they will give you that head hanging, tail hiding, look of remorse immediately. Regardless of how bad the crime was, they will be forgiven (even though you're still mad at Suzy for stealing your eraser in third grade.)

3. Dogs completely understand your love for food.

Food gives them the same feeling of joy that you experience, even if it's just kibble. Dogs just really get what life's all about.

4. They will do even the most ridiculous tasks just to put a smile on your face.

Dogs are always doing new tricks and wearing ridiculous outfits you buy them, just to please you.

5. You will try to bring your dog anywhere and everywhere.

Your dog's your best friend! Of course he should be allowed into the Prada store with you.

6. Animal deaths in movies will cause instant depression.

Who cares about the main character? What cruel director would allow Fido to die?

7. No matter what others may say, your dog is your baby.

You are their parent and they are your fur baby. You will talk to them in your high pitched dog voice, defend them, even break up with anyone who insults your dog. You even talk to them like a real human child.

8. Dogs are one of the few animals that can become famous even before humans.

I will never make as much as Boo. I can't name a single Real Housewife but I adore Jiggy.

9. You FaceTime your dog more than your parents.

When you moved out for college your dog was your hardest goodbye. You may not have cried when you said goodbye to your mom, but you instantly felt the depression caused by being separated from your dog.

10. Your dog can always cheer you up.

Whether it's a break-up or just a complete meltdown your dog can always make you feel better.

11. Not even the roughest of people can resist the warm cuddles of a dog.

Dogs can melt even the coldest of hearts.

12. The loss of your dog should be a well warranted reason you didn't come to work.

The loss of your dog can be extremely hard, after all they're part of the family.

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