12 Reasons You Love Your Relationship

Although everyone has different views on romance and there are plenty of fun aspects about single life, there is something truly extraordinary about being in a relationship with that special person. Besides never having to endure another awkward first date, miserable blind date, or dreaded Tinder meet-up, you are guaranteeing yourself a best friend forever. Sure, there will be arguments and obstacles along the way, but at the end of the day, your partner in crime is there to catch you when you fall. Together, you take on life and encounter many small victories that make your relationship all the more terrific.

1. You have someone that will rock a couples Halloween costume with you!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to couples costumes! The world is your oyster. Whether you dress as a cute Disney duo or sexy, sinister super villains, you're sure to win a costume contest or wow your friends with your adorable Facebook and Instagram photos.

2. Your partner listens to you gossip and bicker about people they've never even met, and takes your side regardless of the situation.

They listen to your problems and weigh in to the best of their abilities, proving their loyalty to you. If you really just don't like someone, your partner will probably also start to dislike that person, even if they don't know them. They'll let you rant and fuel your pettiness, which, in a weird way, shows just how much they support you.

3. Your partner becomes your "food buddy" and shares some of your best and worst snacking habits.

If you just really want some mozzarella sticks at 11pm, your partner won't judge you for it, because chances are, they could go for some too.

4. Any time a movie that looks even vaguely interesting comes out, you and your partner head to the theatre for date night.

Whether it's an animated comedy or gory thriller, if you and your partner happen to see a preview for an upcoming movie, you're bound to set a date to go see it.

5. Your partner automatically assumes the role as your #1 fan.

Any time you do anything even slightly noteworthy, your partner is there to cheer you on and show their support.

6. You feel better about yourself because your partner accepts and embraces your flaws, and somehow convinces you they're beautiful.

When you're feeling self conscious or critical of yourself, your partner is there to swoop in and remind you that you are radiant. They know how to build you up when you feel like breaking down.

7. If there is anything fun happening in the area or if you just feel like going on an adventure, your partner is ready to accompany you at the drop of a hat.

Whether it's a food truck festival, community theatre production, or sporadic drive to the mountains, your partner is always up for tagging along on your miniature adventures.

8. Sometimes, your partner just spoils you for the heck of it.

Maybe they show up one day with flowers or a small gift, or perhaps they just take you to your favorite fast-food place after a rough week and watch you chow down without a hint of judgement in their eyes.

9. Your partner somehow miraculously manages to put up with your sarcasm and bad attitudes.

Even when you're acting bitter, your partner showers you with affection or finds a way to make you laugh. You're grateful for their ability to make any situation more positive.

10. You have someone to share all your interests with, no matter how dorky they may be, and since your partner is awesome, they'll love learning all about you.

Maybe you'll decide to sing all your favorite songs to your partner while in the car together for 2 hours. Perhaps you'll woo them with your expansive Harry Potter knowledge. Maybe you will even show them your childhood collection of Legos. Whatever you decide to share, your partner is going to find it endearing that you want to include them in all aspects of your life.

11. You and your partner can be obnoxiously cute together over the holidays.

Whether it's wearing matching Christmas sweaters, baking tons of cookies, enjoying a snow day, or ringing in the New Year together, you and your partner love spending the holidays with one another.

12. You are honored to call your partner your best friend.

They've seen you at your best and worst and have stuck by your side through it all. Your partner really is your best friend, and you wouldn't have it any other way.

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