12 Memories That You Will Never Forget As A Volleyball Player

Volleyball changed my life in a way I never thought it could. It brought a lot of pain, friends, fun, and memories. I cannot imagine my life without ever playing the game. Here are 11 things that I will not forget about being a volleyball player,

1. Trying to see how many balls you can grab while shagging

Having a ball or two in each arm, some between your legs, one under your chin... Whatever gets the job done, right?

2. The dreadful reffing that came along with tournaments

Whether you were the down ref, line judging, or doing book, reffing always sucked. In between games should be when you are relaxing with your team before your next match, not watching others play.

3. Winning the game by 2

The most intense games were when your team and the rival team are tied 24-24; just two more points and your team wins the game. I remember my team winning 30-32... Now that is a feeling I will not forget.

4. The bruises you get on your knees... Even though you wore your knee pads

People always used to ask me, "How did you get a bruise on your knee if you are wearing knee pads?" Trust me, when you are throwing your entire body onto the floor, they tend to slip off.

5. Feeling your heart stop when you hear your coach say "on the line"

You know you and your teammates did something wrong when your coach yells "on the line". They get to watch you suffer while you run your ass off for a mistake that was made.

6. When you or your teammate make a mistake and watch your coach lose his/her shit

Not going to lie, it is scary to see your coach get very mad over a missed serve or a ball that could have been saved. You know for sure you were going to be making up for the mistake the next day in practice.

7. The ace and kill cheers

There was nothing better than being able to huddle up in the middle of the court and chant a cheer that you and your teammates made up.

8. Accepting the fact that your height may affect your position

In the real world, I am known as tall or average height. In the volleyball world, being 5'7 means goodbye front row.

9. The smell of your volleyball bag

After awhile, you become accustom to the wretched smell that is coming out of your volleyball bag; however, those around you are not. Sorry mom and dad.

10. Playing on sprained wrists and ankles

Slap some tape on them and everything is all good, because tape fixes everything.

11. The feeling you would get when winning a game against your biggest rival

I know that sports are supposed to be about having fun, but the feeling that you and your team get after winning against your big conference rival is one that can never be forgotten.

12. The eternal memories and friends that you make

There is no greater bond than the bond with your team. Your teammates are not just your team; they are your forever friends. Volleyball teams do not just do practice and play games, they spend time together off the court and outside of the gym. I made some of my forever friends playing volleyball, and I would not ask for anything different.

Enjoy playing volleyball while it lasts because if you do not play in college, chances are you will not ever get this opportunity again.

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