Soccer is a huge part of my life. I have played soccer ever since I could walk. If you grew up playing soccer like me and your life revolved around it, this list is for you!

1. You find turf everywhere.

You will always find turf in your car, room and literally anywhere else you may be. You might even find it in your food every now and then.

2. You have a million rolls of pre wrap.

You have every color possible for the sole purpose of matching your outfit to you pre wrap. I personally have about a million rolls of different colors and prints. Its how soccer players accessorize.

3. Your favorite kind of shopping is to find matching sports bras and spandex.

You only buy matching sports bras and spandex and you make sure everyone knows it. You like the cool colors they come in and they are all Nike Pros.

4. You have a million pairs of cleats.

One of the main ways you accessorize yourself is with your cleats. You get a new pair basically every season and you never throw the old ones out.

5. You still have awkward tan lines.

You will forever have those horrible tan lines from your socks and shorts. You will put on self tanner and do everything possible but trust me when I say, they will never go away.

6. You still smell the horrible scent of your cleats even if you don't play anymore.

You will smell the disgusting smell of your cleats and shin guards until the day you die. You have gotten so use to all the smells that it became a natural scent.

7. You spent hours in the car or on a bus to go to games.

Bus/car rides were always your favorites because you were having fun with your friends. You had rituals that you did whether it be singing a song or doing a chant, you know you had one. And don't even think about falling asleep because then it will be your worst nightmare.

8. Your parents still yell at you the same way they would yell at you on the field.

Even after you stop playing soccer your mom still comes into your room and yells at you like you're on the field. You sometimes have to remind her you aren't playing anymore.

9. You have bruises all over your body.

The amount of times you get kicked in the leg or a ball hits you is way to many to count. However, the number of bruises will never compare. You will find mystery bruises and wonder how you got them. As soon as one goes away, another will appear.

10. You have an infinite number of soccer shirts.

Soccer shirts literally make up your wardrobe. From tournaments, school/team spirit, stealing them out of your friends closets, by the time you reach high school, you will have more than you can fit in your drawer.

11. Your only excuse for things is “Can’t, I have soccer.”

Everyone knows you have soccer practice every day but theres always that one person that asks you to hangout after school, your response is always "I can't, I have soccer." Especially on the weekends when you have tournaments, it's your go-to excuse.