11 Traits of an Emotional Person
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11 Traits of an Emotional Person

Warning: Videos of Puppies on Facebook Can Trigger Tears

11 Traits of an Emotional Person

There are so many different types of people in this world. There are tall people and short people. There are tan people and pale people. There are people who have common sense, people who are book smart, and people lucky enough to get them both. There are athletes and artists and there are lovers and fighters. And lastly, there are those who bottle up their emotions and those who wear them all on their sleeve.

Being an emotional person can sometimes be a real struggle. It is not always easy to control your the effects that a situation can have and sometimes people cannot understand why you are crying over a video of Golden Retrievers sitting in a basket with sunflowers. While being an emotional person can come with some interesting looks and judgement, it also makes you vulnerable to loving, sympathetic, and able to open up to anyone. Even though being emotional comes with some downfalls, it can also have some really great side affects as well. So here is why being an emotional person can really be a roller coaster.

1. We never know what could trigger our emotions.

Being emotional cannot always be controlled and can sometimes hit us when we least expect it. Sometimes the smallest things can happen under the wrong situations and we will be set off.

2. A simple random act of kindness extended to us can make our entire week.

Any amount of thought or effort shown to us by someone else can go a long way for someone who is emotional. There random acts of kindness are never forgotten and are always appreciated. Genuine acts make an emotional person feel very loved and appreciated and will never be taken for granted.

3. Someone cutting us down can leave a more permanent scar.

A down side to being sensitive and emotional is that words and actions are taken to heart. We like for people to like us and sometimes being insulted or cut down can hurt us. It is harder for an emotional person to just let criticism roll off our backs.

4. We are more likely to open up to pretty much anyone.

Because we are in touch with our feelings and emotions, we find it much easier to be up front and open with others. We aren't afraid of how we feel and so we are pretty transparent.

5. Sad Facecbook videos will indeed bring on the water works.

Videos of wedding proposals, Homecoming's of soldiers, puppies, and people seeing for the first time are all things that can really make us shed a tear. Common, puppies are so cute.

6. Any wedding, funeral, Bar Mitzvah, baby shower, birthday party, or singing of the National Anthem can include tears.

Even if we are the guest at a wedding of two people we don't even know, the groom's face when he sees his bride for the first time is a sure fire way to make us cry.

7. We like to think of ways to make other people's day.

Because we appreciate when someone goes out of their way to make our day, we also enjoy reciprocating that. We aren't just in touch with our feelings but with others. If we know that a friend is having a hard time or needs support, we will write a note, send flowers, or simply shoot them a text checking up on them.

8. Being vulnerable is common and often not intimidating.

We aren't afraid to cry and certainly aren't afraid to show how we feel. Sometimes it is good to let it all out even when it can be a difficult situation.

9. Gushing about friends, family, and passions can often be touching and bring about emotions.

When we are prideful, we are passionate. And sometimes with passion comes enthusiasm. In our case, enthusiasm can stream from our eyes.

10. Overthinking becomes a habit.

While we enjoy being sensitive and caring for others, we are constantly overthinking and evaluating our situations. We take words and actions very seriously and sometimes it is hard to stop your brain from running away from you.

11. While we might cry and be a mess sometimes, we are always attentive and loving.

We take our emotions into account but we also take in the emotions around us. We will know how to treat the people we love.

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