11 Things That Become Your Reality When You're Allergic To Practically Everything
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11 Things That Become Your Reality When You're Allergic To Practically Everything

You know you have allergies when you fantasize about food you can't eat and animals you can't play with.

11 Things That Become Your Reality When You're Allergic To Practically Everything

An allergy free world is one we dream of. One where we can eat anything and everything no questions asked, pet any animal without religiously washing our hands afterward, and being completely medication free so we're not puffy eyed and drowsy all the time. However, our reality is that there isn't one and that we live in a world that provides a constant threat to our health by the mere touch of a nut, pet of a dog, and presence in a pollen-filled day. And the list goes on.

1. Benadryl is your best friend.

Chances are you're the only one of your friend group who has a constant supply of Benadryl in your bag or purse because a life with allergies means a life where you always have to be prepared. The second you realize you ate something you shouldn't or got too close to an animal that you couldn't resist you already know your fate of oncoming drowsiness.

2. People are ALWAYS asking you what you're allergic to.

The second your allergies come up in conversation it suddenly becomes a "OMG that's crazy, what else are you allergic too?!" topic. You're use to it but you save them the time and just to resort to listing what you aren't allergic to.

3. Always having your handy dandy Epipen on you.

Most people never forget to leave their house without their phone, gum, etc. You on the other hand never forget your Epipen mostly because your life depends on it. There's always the times you do though and your forced to be a nervous wreck the rest of the day because of it.

4. You get overly excited when you actually can eat something.

Wait...you're telling me I'm not allergic to that delicious chocolate cupcake?! Then you always go a little overboard and eat two or...six, to make up for all of the missed opportunities of course.

5. Reading the ingredients no matter what.

Wait, people don't normally read them?! The idea of eating something without flipping it over and checking the ingredients is ludicrous to you because doing it has become second nature to you. So much so that you scan a page long list and find your killers in seconds.

6. You're always sporting puffy eyes or hives.

While most people hope for a good hair day, you're hoping your day will be free of red puffy eyes and hives.

7. Your significant other is practically allergic to everything with you too.

Since your allergies are life and death a kiss after a peanut butter sandwich is dangerous, making it so that your boyfriend or girlfriend has to constantly be aware of your allergies too. Or reminded, sorry Mike!

8. You love animals but you can't touch them.

For some reason you were unlucky enough to both love animals and be allergic to practically all of them. The pain is worth it so you either compromise with washing your hands every second or rocking puffy eyes for the rest of your day. I mean who can really resist those eyes, I mean the dog eyes.

9. Always bringing your own snacks.

You've learned the hard way when you didn't bring your own snacks to a party or get together so you're forever bringing along a bag full of food and looking ridiculous.

10. Going out to eat is a struggle.

Everyone always wonders why you never try new restaurants but the mere thought of having to look over a menu of your favorite foods and realize the way a new restaurant cooks them makes you have a reaction.

11. Allergy tests.

Your a regular at the allergen and it seems as if every time you go in there's a new allergy added to your list.

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