11 Truest Struggles Of Being A College Student

College is known as the best years of your life. And so far, I can absolutely say that is 100% true. But with the best times, there are also endless struggles on the way to graduation.

1. When you can barely afford anything.

You reach a whole new level of broke in college. Sorry to my parents for constantly asking for an extr $20 and using your credit card for emergency pizza.

2. Never getting enough sleep.

Between balancing classes, homework, studying, a social life, working out, and extracurriculars, we college students forget what a full night of sleep is.

3. Getting sick and not having your mom to take care of you.

Hey mom where you at with your medicine and chicken noodle soup?!?!

4. Having to make life decisions without mom.

Mom's know all, especially when it comes to cooking and cleaning. And boy advice. And how to deal with stress. And how to manage money. And how to calm us down. Basically they rock.

5. Studying for days and hours for an exam just to fail.

A for effort right?

6. The ever so important decision of deciding if you want to stay in and catch up on sleep or go out with your friends.

7. Barely understanding your professor because they barely speak english so you have to teach yourself the material and hope for the best.

8. Being homesick.

Whether you go to school 20 minutes from home or 12 hours, you always get homesick at some point. Thank god for facetime.

9. Knowing how broke your going to be after buying the $300 textbooks that you'll never open during the semester.

10. Constantly considering walking in front of a campus vehicle because you know your tuition will be paid for then.

We've all considered it at least once...

11. Syllabus week isn't that silly anymore.

Why do teachers think it's ok to bore us with reading over the same rules all of our other teachers have, then they go and jump right into the lesson while continuing to asking us if we finished reading chapter 3 yet?!

But with all the struggles college gives us, it is all worth it in the end.

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