11 Reasons Matt Saracen And Matt Donovan Are The Same Character
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11 Reasons Matt Saracen And Matt Donovan Are The Same Character

11 Reasons Matt Saracen And Matt Donovan Are The Same Character

Not only are The Vampire Diaries and Friday Night Lights two of the greatest shows ever created, but they also feature two hot angels sent down to bring joy to teens everywhere. Matt Saracen and Matt Donovan are both gods, but after a friend recently pointed out their similarities, the comparison between the two became increasingly more apparent. If you don't believe me, just look at the facts.

1. They're identical.

This might be the most obvious similarity, but come on, they could be brothers.

2. They're both from small towns in the South.Aside from being small towns, both Mystic Falls and Dillon are freakishly small. In both shows, it seems as though there are only 20 people living there who are all either related or dating. Or both.

3. They both work at the local restaurant.

Matt Saracen works at the local burger shop, and Matt Donovan is a waiter at Mystic Grill. Coincidence? I think not.

4. They are both football players.

While both appear as football players throughout the show, and both are quarterbacks, to be exact, they aren't the "typical" villainous jock we usually see. They are the sweet underdogs and, oh, so lovable.

5. They both date the town leader's blonde daughter.

At least, until she becomes a vampire, in Matt Donovan's case. Donovan dates Caroline Forbes, the neurotic but lovable blonde whose mom is the sheriff. Saracen dates Julie Taylor, the coach's daughter and A-plus student.

6. They're both the good boy.

They can't help but take care of everyone and be the voice of reason. Matt Saracen looks after his elderly grandma, and Matt Donovan always tries to intervene and stop the chaos that his friends cause.

7. They both lost family members.

Sadly, they've both lost a close relative in the show. Matt Saracen's dad died in Iraq, and Matt Donovan's sister, Vicki, was killed in the first season after becoming a vampire.

8. They're both borderline outcasts.

Even though we love them, on each of their shows they're both the odd ones out. In the beginning of FNL, Matt Saracen only has only has one friend, and when he joins the football team he never fully fits in. Matt Donovan has lots of friends, but none of them are human, so he's usually left behind when it comes to the vampire shenanigans.

9. Inception.

Now, this where it gets weird. Matt Donovan appeared in season two of Friday Night Lights as Rodeo star Cash. #MINDBLOWN.

10. They're insanely hot.

You're welcome.

11. Both of their names in real life are Zach!

So, if you've fond yourself fangirling over both of these fine men, chances are you have a type. While we're stuck watching reruns of Friday Night Lights on Netflix, luckily we'll get to see more of Matt Donovan in the next season of the Vampire Diaries. Lucky us!

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