15 Activities That You Can Do Alone
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15 Activities That You Can Do Alone

You don't always have to bring a friend.

15 Activities That You Can Do Alone
Carmen Jansma

As summer is headed to a close for many of us students, we should spend some time doing activities that makes us happy whether they involve other people or not. I find the hobbies that you can do alone to be more rewarding because they are often over-looked. There needs to be a balance in life for the amount of time you spend with yourself and others, so it is not antisocial to hang out with only you. Treat yourself to some splendid "me time" by finding a hobby that calls to you.

1. Read a book

Reading a book can help you relax and enter your inner world; like dreaming with eyes open. You can also use it to increase your vocabulary and sound more professional or credible in conversation.

2. Go for a bike ride

There is nothing more liberating than going for a bike ride. You are free to roam wherever you want at any speed you would like to go as a cool breeze rushes past your skin.

3. Play an instrument

Creating your own music is a perfect pastime to make yourself feel calm and unwind. Playing an instrument is also very mentally stimulating, improves memory and concentration, and enhances your life.

4. Knit or crochet

Knitting or crocheting is a very calming activity that keeps your hands busy and puts you in a zen mode. It is also pleasing to create your own clothing or accessories exactly the way you want it according to color, style, and texture.

5. Take photos

If you have an eye for detail and love to capture moments and art that you see throughout the day, photography is a great hobby for you. It will give you an excuse to go outside and explore the world around you when you can take a snapshot of life's beauty.

6. Paint a picture

Painting gives you the prime canvas for expressing yourself and your emotions. You have full reign to paint in any style you choose and simply paint over any mistakes. This is your chance to be free and make a mess.

7. Solve a puzzle

When working on a puzzle it is easy to focus entirely on solving it without any outside worries or distractions to bother you. You will feel proud of all your hard work when it is finally finished and you've created something from the experience.

8. Do yoga or meditate

Yoga and meditation are great for people seeking a fresh new start. If you feel stuck, this activity will clear your mind, revitalize your body, and send you on a more enlightened path.

9. Garden

Gardening helps people reconnect with their spiritual side and feel more emotionally stable. Gardening is a perfect way to do this by digging your hands into the soil and breathing in the plants' crisp oxygen.

10. Write in a journal

If you're anything like me, I need to write my jumbled thoughts down on paper before I can really begin to understand my situation. Use a journal to organize your thoughts and maybe even get to know yourself better.

11. Stargaze or bird-watch

While staring up at the stars or the bright blue sky, you can remember that you and your problems are microscopic compared to the size of the universe. The sky is there to remind people about what is truly important.

12. Pamper yourself

To the people who care so much about others that they forget to care for themselves, spending a night in to pamper yourself could make you feel a lot more special. Take a long bath with scented candles or do whatever you would do for someone you really love.

13. Play cards or a board-game

You don't need a partner to challenge your brain and have fun doing it. There are plenty of solo games out there like "Friday", "Robinson Crusoe: Adventure of the Cursed Island", and of course, "Solitaire," which are exciting to play and won't force you to be infront of a screen.

14. Binge watch TV shows

Sometimes it's okay to be infront of a screen if you're just looking to relax and zone out. Find a show that makes you feel happy and reserve a night to watch as many shows as your heart desires.

15. Clean and organize your room

Cleaning and organizing your room can make you feel like you have your life more put together. You can even make it more fun by turning up some music and dancing while you do it.

If any of these activities interested you, I suggest you try them out as soon as you desire some much needed "me" time. You will be very glad you did!

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