10 Ways To Improve Your Relationship With Yourself

1. Treat Your Body Right.

Your body is your sanctuary, but only if you treat it as such. Take extra time to cook whole, nutritious meals that will keep you satiated and full. Never punish your body by eating too much or not enough. Exercise often. Aim to be healthy and “fit”; never to be skinny. Press the snooze button on your alarm. Get that extra bit of sleep that your fatigued body is begging for. When your muscles are sore, take the time to stretch them. When your mind is bursting at the seams, allow yourself to decompress. When you are feeling overworked, it’s ok to give yourself a break.

2. Pamper Yourself.

After a long day on your feet, allow yourself to be enveloped by the warmth of a luxurious, silky bubble bath. Light candles. Pour yourself a glass of wine when you need it. Treat yourself to manicures, pedicures, massages, and facials. Indulge in a sinful box of velvety chocolates when your soul is aching. Be kind to yourself.

3. Take Yourself Out On Dates.

Go to the movies. Buy a large popcorn and have it all for yourself. Drive around aimlessly. Listen to your favorite songs without conceding to anyone. Buy a ticket to the museum. Relish in the beauty of the art that surrounds you. Treat yourself to a nice dinner. Savor the extravagant culinary experience. Explore your body. Discover what stimulates you in bed.

4. Spend Time Alone.

Appreciate moments of solitude. Go for long drives alone. Wake up before the rest of the world and pour yourself a cup of coffee. Before the day has begun, sit in silence on your front porch. Let your mind wander. Contemplate your goals and how to achieve them. Reflect on the past, flourish in the present, and strive for a shining future. Live in the moment. Do not dwell on that which you can't change. Feed your soul.

5. Be Ambitious.

Find your passion. Be your own motivator. Travel spontaneously. Dress well. Give back to others. Your success is based upon your own determination.You are limitless in what you can achieve.

6. Enjoy The Little Things.

Expand your knowledge. Educate yourself. Read books that make you happy. Keep a journal. Go for a bike ride. Watch the sunset. Watch the sunrise. Drink tea. Listen to the pitter patter of the rain on your roof. Create art. Laugh often.

6. Live Independently.

Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, its at the end of your arm.” - Audrey Hepburn

I got my own back” - Maya Angelou

8. Do What Makes You Happy.

Be spontaneous without fear of judgement. Join the marching band. Sing to your hearts content at open mic night. Stay in instead of going out. Spend time with your family.

9. Accept Yourself As You Are.

Look in the mirror and tell yourself that you are beautiful. Embrace your voluptuous curves or your toned slenderness. Love your outlandish curls that you wish you could tame, or the pin-straight hair that you wish had volume. Cherish the beauty that is uniquely yours. Exude confidence from the inside and out.

10. Know Your Self Worth.

A strong woman does not need a lover to lead a fulfilling life. In relationships, do not settle for any less than you deserve. Don’t chase him; make him chase you. You are a prize to be won. Make him prove to you that he would do anything on this earth to call you his.

A strong woman needs a chivalrous man, not a foolish boy.

You can't truly love another person until you #LoveYourselfFirst.

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