Hipster coffee shops are the light of my life.

They're artsy, thought-provoking, relaxed places that conveniently offer a spot for prime people watching. People watching is an activity that will never get old, so naturally I do it all the time. That being said, here are some of my observations about the types of people you're sure to see in coffee shops (particularly those of the hipster variety, not you, Starbs).

1. The first date-goers

There's nothing quite like the second-hand awkwardness you feel when you walk by or even lay eyes on an obvious first date. The way they sit like they have severe back problems and how you can tell that at any given moment they are trying to think of something interesting to say.

2. The really intense couple

You know. That couple. The two that are so into each other that they stare into each other's eyes and act like no one else is around them and that the universe was meant for just the two of them. Below is an actual photo taken by me at a coffee shop that features me and a couple behind me who was WAYYYY into their own world. There were tears, there was laughter. Truly iconic.

3. The homeboy

That guy that at first you think might work there, but you later realize that the staff just kind of tolerates him and his weirdness because he's just...around. The truly telling moment is when he starts having his own air instrument jam session in the corner after he tidies up the chairs.

4. The aspiring author

The mid-twenties person who sits next to the window while sipping on the same chai latte all day while tapping away at his/her keyboard, writing what will surly be their New York Times Bestseller.

5. The *deep* thinkers

The group that monopolizes a whole corner of the place and you can tell they are on some kind of drug while they gain new insights on the world around them. They don't really talk about anything truly stimulating, but they put on a good show for sure.

6. The basic white girls

They are always taking pictures. That is the only reason why they're there and not at Starbucks where they belong. UH-BYE.

7. The moms who finally caught up

The two middle-aged women who sit and chat passive-aggressively about their children's accomplishments to make the other feel inferior because they have finally grabbed coffee after all those years telling each other that they would after all of the PTA meetings.

8. The students

They just chill there while they do their homework, expertly masking their internal screams.

9. The boys who are just trying to pick up girls

The bros. They're the ones who are looking at girls and walk in thinking they're going to just waltz up to the first cutie they see, but in reality, they just get awkward.

10. The "Lone Wolf"

That one guy who is there by himself who may or may not just be people watching, or he may be meeting someone. Either way, you don't know what he's up to and he might even be slightly creepy.