10 Tips For Texans To Stay Safe During This Cold Spell
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10 Tips For Texans To Stay Safe During This Cold Spell

As Texans are attempting to handle the cold, the power-outs and the food shortages, here are some tips on how to stay safe during these trying times!

10 Tips For Texans To Stay Safe During This Cold Spell

Here are some tips on how to stay safe during this crazy week!

1. Utilize those blankets!!

Chihuahua Dog Blanket - Free photo on Pixabaypixabay.com

While Blankets are useful for wrapping yourself up to stay warm, also place them at your window or any other place where the cold will be able to get in. This is very important, especially when you're going through a power outage, and you need something to keep the little warmth in your house or apartment until the power comes on. If you don't have any blankets, towels also help as well!

2. If you can, don't drive on the roads unless it is necessary

File:Cars skidding edit.jpg - Wikimedia Commonscommons.wikimedia.org

For your typical car, the tires on them are not made to handle the icy roads and the snow, so if you can, please stay at home unless it is necessary to do so.

3. When you are going outside, do the penguin walk!

walking GIFGiphy

While you are walking to get somewhere, take smaller strides to prevent yourself from falling and hurting yourself!

4. Be wary of pipes busting during a cold spell!

CE keeps structures sound, roads safe > Mountain Home Air Force ...www.mountainhome.af.mil

If it does happen, turn off the water and attempt to clean up the spilled water before it freezes.

5. If you are going to warm yourself in your car, don't do it in an enclosed space

Carbon Monoxide | Braden Kowitz | Flickrwww.flickr.com

Lately, there have been carbon monoxide poisoning cases due to people running their cars in an enclosed space. So please be careful when you are running your car that you do it outside.

6. Keep yourself warm!

wrap up adidas GIF by Real OviedoGiphy

Use those coats, hats, jackets, mittens, anything that can allow you to keep the warm in!

7. Be on the lookout for any areas that are offering supplies or warmth

Fire - Wikipediaen.wikipedia.org

If it is possible, please go to the nearest warming center when it is safe to do so!

8. Close the blinds at night!


As heat is more likely to be lost through windows, closing them during the night adds some insulation and reduces the heat loss.

9. If you are in need of food, dial 2-1-1

marc rodriguez phone GIFGiphy

This will connect you with TX Health and Human Services, who will help with food, shelter, and mental health services.

10. If you are in an area that has power, conserve it

Person Holding White Light Bulb · Free Stock Photowww.pexels.com

For example, if you are not in the room, turn off the lights or use them when necessary. Also, turn off unused appliances and electronics as well.

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