10 Thoughts You Have During Your First Semester In A Sorority
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Student Life

10 Thoughts You Have During Your First Semester In A Sorority

It's a wild ride.

10 Thoughts You Have During Your First Semester In A Sorority
Gamma Phi Beta - Beta Xi

We all hear that when we join a sorority or fraternity we will find our home. While this may be true, no relationship forms instantly. I joined Gamma Phi Beta in January, and with initiation tomorrow, I've reflected on some of the many thoughts that have occurred to me during this new member process.

1. Why is everything so expensive?

Dues are no joke. If you are fortunate enough that your parents are able to pay your dues, take a minute to thank them. You can ask the FVP for the budget to see where every dollar goes, but let's be honest ~aint nobody got time for that.~

2. Oh my god, I don't know anyone.

Being thrown into a pledge class of 60 girls is incredibly uncomfortable. If you're anything like me, it takes you a few months to find girls you genuinely click with. While you're going through the endless weeks of friend speed dating, you can feel lost, confused and quite discouraged.

3. How do all these girls already know each other?!

Nothing is quite as frustrating as trying to find your home and feeling like everyone has already found theirs. You look at the older girls and hear them talk about how much they love their sisters, and you see people in your pledge class blending right in. It becomes hard to not wonder if you're doing something wrong.

4. How do all these older people know my name???

It's not a secret that the actives talk about you (especially around Big/Little reveal). Once you find out who your Big is, all of her friends flood you at every social gathering to welcome you to the "fam."


At one time or another, every girl that has ever been in a sorority has had to square up to adults that think they're spending all of their time in a party (frat) house. Believe it or not, my sorority is a dry house with strict rules on when boys can and can't be in the house. It's truly a place where I can go to study or spend time bonding with my girls watching trash TV and eating delicious cookies. #girlpower. My sorority house isn't even close to a "typical college party house"; it's my safe space (as lame as that sounds).

5. Crap, what's her name again?

Ok, think. You met her on bid day with Meredith. Katie? That can't be right; Katie has curly hair. Is there another Katie? Maybe Kat? Kate? Or was it Olivia? Remembering names can be hard; especially when your sorority has over 200 women.

6. I am so tired ALL THE TIME.

Sunday: new member education, Monday: chapter, Wednesday: sisterhood, Friday: date party. And repeat. Every week for 8 weeks. Sure sisterhoods are mixed with philanthropy events, and date parties are sometimes swapped for more low-key events. Nevertheless, forcing yourself to socialize with a new group of women on top of school and other obligations is nothing short of exhausting.

7. This is a cult.

Initiation. Rituals. Vows of secrecy. Hand signs. Chants. Sororities definitely take on some cult-like aspects in the name of sisterhood. However, every chapter of every sorority is different. (For example, my chapter would not be caught dead lying on top of each other screaming and throwing jazz hands at potential new members.) Sororities really encourage women to be their own person and the best version of themselves. Don't let the rituals freak you out, the sisterhood travels far deeper than jazz hands.

8. I want to be her friend.

If you have found yourself in a sorority, you are probably there because you have values that are important to the other women in the chapter. Therefore, you will probably naturally find girls who you have a lot in common with (and aspire to be like). It can be kind of intimidating to form friendships with these women right away but don't be afraid to put yourself out there.

9. What is the obsession with X fraternity?

There will probably be one fraternity that half of your pledge class is dating and you just don't see the hype!! This frat will be in your basement serenading you regularly, constantly inviting you to their socials, and while you appreciate the attention, they feel like a little brother's best friend that won't go away.

10. I'm so glad my sisters exist.

Picture this: You walk into a crowded dining hall, food in hand, and look around to see no empty tables. Out of the corner of your eye, you see a pink hat with your letters sewn into the top. You walk over and she (of course) offers you a seat. Sisters are always there to help you out, whether it's lending you a seat, a shoulder to cry on, or advice on how to ask a boy to formal (aka brainstorming awful puns).You may not know the ins and outs of each others' lives yet, but you are always there for one another nonetheless.

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